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Saturday, May 9, 2015

F is for Frederico (and Fabiano) Frogman?

Sorting things out for the MPC 'Minis' ships article I promised a while ago (hopefully posted-up over the coming weekend) and found this while the 'Unknown Vessels' box was out again, so fired-off a few shots.

You may recall the Italio-Spanish post I did back in March (only just down the page due to lack of posting in April!), well, I'm told this two-man vignette is also Italian? I don't have a maker's name or era, but it's getting that waxy brittleness of some early plastics so I guess quite early?

The figures are about 15mm in size, but due to their being sat astride a large bomb, they don't look too small with your bog-standard 1:76-72 plastics, as can be seen from the Airfix figure. Note also; the large card-carton staple, used to weight it for bathroom or garden-pond operations! Can anyone put a name to it...from the sculptural style I fancy Co-Ma (?) but suspect otherwise!

[Later the same day] By Request of Anne O'Leary - painter extraordinaire;

With a canvas tender (courtesy of Airfix) in attendance, a pair of intrepid navy commandos set off on operation 'Sink the Scharnbizpitz'! It floats at just the right depth for the little square visors to be above the water.


Unknown said...

Of course there's now way I could put a name to the manufacturer. You've got to let u know how well it performs in the tub!

Paul´s Bods said...

Hi Hugh..have you seen this
Much as I expected. I predicted a Tory win and SNP take over in scotland..the perfect Balance.

Hugh Walter said...

Anne....done! It performs well, if a little wallowy!

Paul...don't have enough credit to watch stuff on-line, but it's early days yet and revolution is already in the air! Several new activist organisations have sprung-up and I think the riots of Maggie's time may well soon be a feature of CaMoron's!! But the real morons are the 20% who voted for the semi-fascist, inadequate cockwomble!

Paul´s Bods said...

The link Shows some vote fiddling on a par with the sottish Referendum..but the News from whitehall was interesting. Typically the Blagards Broadsheet Company refered to a "couple of hundred" protesters..(the footage Shows a few more than "a couple of hundred" ) and they were so outraged (outrage they fail to Show about the deaths of social security claimants or peado MP´s )about a statue being "covered" in Graffiti (covered as in the bottom right Corner of the plinth had, in small letters F**k Tory scum spryed on it. Strangely i watched a film about the Poll tax riots..(among others)the reasons given? The oppressive nature (cut backs to all sections of life)of the Tory government.

Paul´s Bods said...

Scottish..my spelling!!...really!!!
and by strangely I meant by coincidence.
They´ll probably bring back the Sus laws, SPG etc.

Hugh Walter said...

I can see them looseing a no-confidence vote in a year or two (no one is owning-up to voting for them!), and an end to First Past The Post voting within five years...technology is being pushed faster by Google, Apple and Tesla, than the establishment can deal with it and the power balance can only move toward the people?