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Friday, May 15, 2015

News, Views...Etc...30th Plastic Warrior Toy Soldier and Assorted Other Goodies Show!

A week tomorrow! You need to start planning entry (and exit?) strategies now, budget? Bags? No bigger than that! Lunch? Parking? There's a fair bit at the venue. More budget! And some spare cash.

It's only the bloody 30TH! Thirty years...thirty shows! How many have you been to? I missed the first 8 or 9? Soem people have been to all of them...not least the organisers, Paul, Peter and fellow blogger Brian.

I knocked this up a couple of years ago and forgot to post it last year...it'll get you to within smelling distance of all that lovely polymer! You can't miss it, it's the big inter-war style architecture pub on the bend just before (northbound) or after (southbound) the NEC Harlequins ground (are they still sponsored by NEC?)

There is FREE parking, and a Premier Inn on the same site for anyone who wants to stay the night

Details of the venue can be found here;

Winning Post

This is not so accurate, I'll try to sort it out with a better one, basically the venue is accessible from the A3-316 main road into/out-of London heading West-south-west, through the Front car park there is also vehicle and pedestrian access from Percy Road.

For people coming by public transport; Whitton Station is 3 minutes walk and gets 8 trains an hour from Waterloo. See you there, unless you poke my eyes out first!

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