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Sunday, May 26, 2024

S is for Seen Elsewhere - Unknown Canoe

It's one of those facts of life that you get together with someone to do a 'mini-season' on canoes, you think you've done a good-enough ('for now') job, and then more keep dribbling in! I can't remember if it was a BIN or a low first-bid, but I picked this up really cheap the other month, and it's a lovely novelty Indian canoe, with Native American flats as crew!
I think these are some of the first shots with the new camera, more on that later, but in comparison with the one Brian Berke sent us - first as images for the mini-season, and then as this physical example in one of the two parcels he's sent recently - you can see the new one is the current holder of the largest canoe in the collection title!

It's a similar set-up to the small-scale 'hollow-horsed'/'Giant' type, with clips in the bottom of the boat to receive the figures, but here they are seperate, not on a strip, however I suspect some relationship, if only of the plagiarism/influence type?

Quite thick flats, with plug-in oars, both the figure and oar sculpt are repeated three times.

And obviously you can plug the oars in from either side, note the pond towing-eye at the 'front'.

Although having a lot of the hallmarks of Hong Kong production, I feel it could be early British (Tudor Rose, Merit, Lipkin or somebody like that?), but equally could be European, and is obviously in the same vein as the artillery shooting set (large scale flats) by Ideal/Kleeware? Any ideas?


Brian Berke said...

I didn't send this canoe? But I did have one that looked the same, measured about 12" was yellow plastic with three flat red Indians (color, not racial slure). It came from Woolworths and I remember it as being Tudor Rose.

Hugh Walter said...

No Brian, you sent the one in the bag, in the first comparison shot! And Peter (E) also messaged me on Faceplant to say the flats are Tudor Rose, which was my suspicion, but I have to be careful with my attributions given my 'eemies' propensity to criticize! Nice to know there were other colourways, something to look out for!



It's good to hear that I sent the one in the bag as it means I have one somewhere. Also my Tudor Rose canoe had blue paddles.

Hugh Walter said...

It was a few years ago Brian!