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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

F is for Follow-up - MPC's Moon Mission Mouldings!

A few shots which escaped the post the other week, and which might as well go here, as I said at the time we'd return to them properly/more fully, in a year or two, which is still the plan!

The storage sample of the larger 'goldfish bowl' clones, so I think I'm still looking for a blue one? And the fourth pose is the guy with the weapon, which doubles as a very lightweight sextant . . . I think!
When they are not being sold as paratroopers, they came in various other packagings, of which this is quite colourful, probably one of the first, and seems to be a complete set of the four copied poses.
Another of the dodgy sets going though Vectis a few years ago, home-printed card, referencing the old Britains half-moon cards, all fake! We looked at another here, all believed to be from the same chap!
And I had the answer to the one with an added base, I can't read a brand, but suspect there may be an importer ID'd somewhere on the card, but it's such an old shot it won't enlarge clearly enough to see, another will turn-up though (if indeed, there isn't already one in storage), none of this stuff is rare!

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