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Monday, January 5, 2009

S is for Sherman

"General" Sherman to the soldiers of the North, "Ronson" to the soldiers of the Normandy breakout! The most common toy/model tank after the Tiger, and coming in all scales and levels of accuracy!

Left to right we have the Matchbox 17lbr. 'Firefly' the Airfix ready-made Firefly and a HaT Sherman. The Matchbox model is a nice one and I've stuck a few sandbags on the front as they did!

This is an Atlantic clip-together (their answer to ready-mades, but with little bits to lose!), she's sitting next to two of the recent Corgi die-casts, one in desert/Tunisian colours, the other more suitable to the Normandy bridgehead.

This slightly more eclectic line-up consists of an 'antiqued' pencil-sharpener 'gift' (with a crude dozer-blade and the suspension of a Pz.II Luchts!!! Not to mention a copy of the Matchbox commander?), next to that is a Hong Kong toy around 1:80, this has a late war turret, and similarities with the Playart toys, but is not from the same range, nor is it marked with anything familiar (W.T. 310?). Finally the little Sherman from the Aurora Anzio Beach model kit/play set, compare this with my first post which showed the carded version of this model.

A comparison shot between the Airfix and Atlantic polythene models, detail on the Airfix one is much better than the Atlantic offering, but the Italian toy has better proportion, the British effort seems a bit flat and/or too wide, so giving the impression it's been trodden on by a giant!

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