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Saturday, February 13, 2016

T is for Toyway, Timpo, Terrans and Terrible Two

Picked up a bag of Hong Kong sourced spacemen a while ago, and had a couple of shots in Picasa so a quick overvie...no! It's not grand enough to be an 'overview' - a quick review of some of Toyway's past products!

The knight on the right is one of the old Timpo mouldings Toyway were turning out for a while, useful as a source of the original 'solid' shield and flag (albeit in a weird slightly wishy-washy plastic) while on the left is their late effort, around 60mm (really a chunky 54mm on giant horses!), these would be a ton better if it wasn't for the colours.

Yes they are chunky, but they are nice animated sculpts, the black knight taking a swipe, the silver looking for all the world as if he's only just managed to stay in the saddle and avoid the axe! But....purple? Turquoise? I like the homage to the original Timpo in the horses base on the left.

These two are a dense PVC/vinyl and pre-date the Shleich/Papo, Revell/ELC and Blue Box 'big-vinyls' of today by a fair few years.

The real reason for the post...a bagged set of astronauts which seem to be quite (very?) early Toyway stuff, going on the graphics and the fact that I've had these in the unknown box for at least 19/20 years. I thought the equipment might be Blue Box or Lucky due to the quality/style, but never blogged them as such because I wasn't sure.

Not that that doesn't mean they weren't issued by someone else or in another branded packaging at some point, they have the look and feel of 1970's products. And I'm pretty sure the rock formation has starred elsewhere (Larami - Planet of the Apes rack-toy?), and yes...that's purple paint again!

Peaceful, exploratory, NASA types, they can quickly become armed, dumb-money destroyers, either with a little imagination, or a bit of glue and some pieces from the spares box...they're polystyrene! Around 45/50mm I like the chap on the far right...he has a variation of the hover-platform also found in the Airfix astronaut set, but with proper pressurised gas-canisters, not the strange balls in the earlier, smaller set.

So that's styrene, PVC and ethylene from the same company, they'd put anything in a toy bag! The toy division of Pocketbond...you wouldn't know it! Still listing the separate base Greeks and Egyptians along with the die-cast Rommel from Blue Box, there is a BB link...hummmm....!

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