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Friday, July 13, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Forthcoming Events

I'm still not well, sitting here alternate hot and cold sweating, I've given myself ten minutes to post this and while I may have something up tomorrow, I'm not even posting the other ready-stuff right now. Don't think it was food poisoning either, something more viral or gastro-enteritic? Probably a Trump-allergy!

The next weeks dates for your diary, there's one event tomorrow (Saturday) but it's at the bottom of this post, that's the way the cookie crumbled! So - starting with the general toy fairs . . .

Sunday 15th July 2018

Lincoln - J&J Fairs (J&J Webb)
The Exhibition Centre, Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN2 2NA
Tel. - 01522 880 383
10:00 - 14:30hrs Approximately
Admission £2.50p, seniors £2, 1st child £1.50p

Porthmadog - Chris Dyer Fairs
Y Ganolfan Community Centre, High Street, Porthmadog, North Wales, LL49 9LU
Tel. - 01643 702 757
Mob. - 07966 694 579
10:30 - 15:00hrs
Admission £2

Worthing - SRP Fairs
Charmandean Centre, Forest Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 9HS
Tel. - 07739 998 012
10:00 - 14:00hrs


Wednesday 18th July 2018

Croydon - Joe Lock Fairs (evening fair)
St. John's Community Hall, Upper Selsdon Road, Selsdon, South Croydon, CR2 8DD
Mob. - 07866 641 215
Admission £1


Thursday 19th July 2018

Thatcham - Steven Clements (evening fair)
Thatcham Catholic Hall, Bath Road, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG18 3AG
Tel. - 01380 725 322
Mob. - 07958 101 891
18:30 - 20:30hrs
Refreshments, free parking

Theydon Bois - Joe Lock Fairs (evening fair)
Village Hall, Coppice Row, Theydon Bois, Essex, CM16 7ER
Mob. - 07866 641 215
Admission £1


And later next week, the auctions . . .

Wednesday 18th July 2018

Warwick - Warwick & Warwick
Charlton House, Scar Bank, Millers Road, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 5DB
(Auctions held in Court House)
Tel. - 01926 499 031
Facsimile - 01926 491 906
Catalogue on-line, printed version available on request
Trains, die cast, model soldiers and other toys

Thursday 19th/Friday 20th July 2018

Stockton-on-Tees - Vectis (2-day sale)
Fleck Way, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, TS17 9JZ
01642 750 616
Thursday 19th - general toys
Friday 20th - trains/model railways


Other Events

Saturday 14th July 2018

Hoddesdon  - Friends of Robert Barclay Academy (with Joe Lock Fairs)
The Robert Barclay Academy, Cock Lane, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 8JY
Mob. - 07866 641 215
10:30 - 16:30hrs
Admission: Adult £4.50p, concessions £3, 2x adults+2x child £12.
Trade stalls, display layouts, refreshments, free parking
All profits to the academy

Please note this is slightly confusing as there is also a Hoddesdon Model Railway Club, who have a show on the 26th August nearby! 


jah said...

Take care and get well soon Hugh

Spectrum said...

Hope you feel better soon (like when Air Force 1 is wheels up!)

Hugh Walter said...

Better now guys, cheers!

Don't get me started Spectrum! Six days in Europe and he managed to insult everyone powerful in the world since (and including) Bush Senior! Now he's making another water-sports video with his KGB mate! You really can't make it up!