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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . or - C is for 'Cos . . . You're sick of Bears!

A quick update on the Khaki Infantry page, following his contributions the other week, Chris Smith kindly sent a follow-up group shot of the FG Taylor's in white plastic . . .

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. . . and an even more interesting head-swap pair; more on which with the images on that page. I was in half-a-mind to 'call them out' as Trojan's - still to be identified - Parachute Battalion, but for now I have placed them in the Unknown section, they also cross-refer to Rocco's sculpts?

[24-hours later - Paul Morehead of PW Magazine reports the red ones as being pre-Lone Star, 'Harvey' figures, without empirical stuff (you know me!) I'll leave them in the 'unknowns' for now, but add the same note there] 


Gisby said...

Because of one sculptor, generations of British khaki infantry have been armed with a rifle that the forces never actually adopted.

Hugh Walter said...

I suspect more than one Gisby! But, to be fair, Britains dodn't know every tom, dick and harry was going to purloin their figures!

If you click on EM2 in the tag list, you'll find more on the subject!