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Friday, June 2, 2023

B is for Best Show on Earth! 1. Introduction

So, it was the best show on earth three weeks ago, and a bloody good time was had by all, well, most, the Army lost the Rugby to the Navy which is a sufficiently rare event to consider them to have had a shit day! I filled my boots with nice things, and other people helped, but I've decided to treat the plunder like one of Chris's donations and show it thematically.
All sorted!
So having started to shoot it in a more random fashion as in past years, with individual donations highlighted, I re-shot it by subject-matter, and thought I'd do an Intro' to use up some of the otherwise unused images, and thank everyone at the start.
Fantasy & Sci-Fi
But I'll add a 'Thank you' paragraph to the end of each subsequent post. I know I get a bit anal about thanking people, but if they've gone to the effort of giving you stuff, saving-up stuff for you or let you have stuff cheap, it's only proper to thank them.

Bag of bits from Brian Carrick

Bag of bits from Trevor Rudkin

Bag of bits from Peter Evans

Bag of bits within Peter's bag of bits!
We have a toy charity here, have you encountered it yet?
Other countries have them too, but nobody seems interested in them!

I also bought this, for a bit of fun, I'll read it and do nothing with the knowledge! I do actually have lots of war gaming books in the library, a testament to past pretensions for something - possibly - better than blogging toys! And for the often very useful appendices!
Odds, mostly small scale.
Andreas Dittmann gave me the three on the right.
We'll look at it all in subsequent posts.

The Replicant's purchases all together!
Very blue this year!

We won't look at all these in subsequent posts, as this is the shot of things which got left out of an earlier thematic photo-shoot! Another - probably French - soft plastic Captain Video robot, and another Hong Kong - probably Blue Box or New Maries/Lee Chung - water well, this one with the bucket! A Hollow-backed sheaf (or 'stook') of corn which I've never seen before and a large gull which may be Spanish or Argentine?
The little blue lady is from the Morestone TV-tie-in Wagon Train, an Airfix huntsman, a straw-bale which is based on the Scalextric one, but is not, neither is it the flimsy blow-mold usually found in HK racing sets, but is actually a heavy injected polyethylene, so equally new to me?
Boat and barrel will join similar piles, eventually, and the spear, a fearsome weapon which looks like it should be wielded by a 70mm Zulu, is actually from those 54mm plinth-based Spanish museum figurines I think, and may be quite a ceremonial/presentation type?

A few Civilian types.

I must also thank Adrian Little for lots of sold well- below value stuff, and Gareth Morgan likewise, whose stuff took another week to sort-out, and then needed sorting into everything else for the big shoot, so didn't get an overview-shot! Lots to come, but like the 'Canoes Season', I'll intersperse it with other posts, to mix-it-up a little!


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