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Friday, June 9, 2023

B is for Best Show on Earth! 6. Space, Sci-fi, Fantasy, TV, Movie & Etc.

A biggie this one, I tried breaking it into two posts, but there was no natural split which would leave 7-images each and any other division would leave one still long and the other a bit short, so call it a Brucey Bonus!

Mostly vintage dime-store/pulp space from the 1950/60's, with (from the colour) a larger, original Archer, three smaller copies who could be one of several issuers and two of the Christmas Cracker chaps, with a fourth smallie in white with helmet in one shot, and in the other shot an unmarked-Linde premium type, could be DS Plastics or Siku?
The probably-not-Linde again, with a French soft plastic iteration of the Captain Video bolt-grenadier, and three modern PVC-replacement, rubberised astronauts who I think we've seen in harder plastic and a smaller size, so 'the sculpts du jour'?!!
A bunch of Bluebird Zero Hour/Mattel Code Zero rubber minis, came in two of the donations I think and will be sorted into the stash, hopefully helping make-up who sets, I know I still have a few gaps!
These are rather nice, probably 1960's or even 1970's, the seller bought them himself, and he didn't look older than me, younger if anything, gum-ball, capsule machine prizes brought back from the 'States on his return from those climes! A nice pulp-vibe and dime-store look with a touch of 70's styling!

Two modern game-playing pieces I suspect, either side, both heavily dry-brushed in a contrasting shade of their base colour, I haven't found the game yet. A Matchbox or Hot Wheels sci-fi 'type' from the Mega Rigs line or something, a Bluebird Havoc in need of a base (anyone who remembers the original post will know I have a few, but whether one to match him is another matter!), and behind them a Crescent for Kellogg's cereal premium.
He's actually a short-shot, his tool normally resembles a mine-detector with a bigger dish, but like this he really looks more like he has an actual 'space probe' with a specific job!
Smaller-scale robots, an overview! The painted four seem to be from the same range, even though one is more humanoid and a tad-larger, all four are unmarked and hard polystyrene - probably quite recent gum-ball prizes? The yellow sucker will be a knock-off/copy of something from Poppy/Bandai or Takara . . . someone like that, and is smaller than the similar LB-knock-off sucker types.
The really small one is from the Star Wars Risk board-game I think, the larger blue 80's mech' is from the eraser set we've looked at recently once or twice, the middle-sized bluey is a Mattel M.U.S.C.L.E. keshi (or copy; I didn't check for the distinctive marks!) and the similar greenie will be another gum-ball prize.

I thought I had a complete set of the Captain Scarlet premiums (Wheeto's from Wheetabix), but it turns out I had neither of the mini-vehicles, I now have the patrol car! But I also have all the figures lose and bagged! Pursuit vehicle is still to track down.

At the back is the one and only Superthunderstincar's Masterbraun, courtesy of Peter Cook complete with bushy eyebrows! "Eggcellent! Heh-heh-heh!" . . . also issued as The Hood by Kellogg's and Tom Smith.

I bought these from Colin Penn, when I first saw them he wasn't at his table (hopefully finding bargains of his own), so I wandered off, but when I went back round a while later, he said they were a full set (and cheap) so I grabbed them more as a box-ticker than anything else, as I still haven't looked them up and don't know anything about them! Obviously Star Trek, but which arm of the franchise I don't know (DS9, Next Generation?), and who or when? Modern and Mattel or Hasbro!
Playmates have held Star Trek licences as well, I have their 'Action Fleet' clones somewhere, but I think these may be older, but not the original series?
Dr Who stuff, Games Workshop mostly, but the slightly bigger leading Kaled living-suit is the same little rubber one the Philosophical Toad sent to the blog about 14-years ago! It came from a Christmas advent calendar if memory serves, but who by, I don't know?
A random vinyl (possibly electronic game playing piece) figure of a fantasy-ninja type and an equally random Power Ranger type, who came in one of the donations, both need investigating!
We saw these the other day in the London show-reports, so simply duplicates which will serve as swaps at some point in the future, Kinder Egg capsule toys of the latest Avatar movie.
The two Jungle Book figures are a mystery, they look like Marx Disneykins, but they're not, they are hard plastic, but not Minimodels, so . . . ? Nice figures though; French maybe? 10th - A correspondent says Kinder, which would make sense, they are almost too 'clean'!
Next to them is a Bullyland Big Ears for Toytown, a rather knackerd Tri-Ang Perriwincle Penny Brix character, and two of the better fruit & veg' 'Munch Bunch' pencil tops from the 1970's, a carrot and a cucumber I think. Separate hats (or foliage from one maker/issuer) is usually the sign of better versions, the cheaper clones were single mouldings.
The Poplar Plastics sledge came separately from the Santa in two purchases, but was a nice find as it's a different design to the commoner one, which we saw here, and has a rigid frame/draw-bars, so can't be used with the cat or dogs, only the deer.

From the left; random fairy! Then a figure I'd like to know more about, we may have looked at them briefly once before, but I don't know anything about them (and this one is very damaged as most are), but I have two or three poses now, several of this green one, a red one and a blue or yellow one? All slightly hippy-dippy, fairy, fantasy dancer types, and I'm wondering if they're from some Hong Kong take on Marx's Miniature Masterpieces of The Trolls or Sword in the Stone variety, possibly by Blue Box, or LB, or early Maysun or someone like that? But then they might even be Marx MM's?

A Hong Kong gnome after Fontanini I think, two of the Matchbox 'Advanced Dungeon & Dragon' figures and two poured-resin anthropomorphic animals lumps, who probably go together and a little angel/putti type, probably a cake decoration.

Thanks to all for everything last month; Andreas Dittmann, Gareth Morgan, Michael Mordant-Smith, Peter Evans, Brian Carrick, Trevor Rudkin, and Adrian Little.


jon attwood said...

I think the Star Trek figures are from the film 'Generations', which featured both the next generation and some of the original characters. Playmates did a range of figures for the film.
Good Playmates reference here, with pics illustrating the various figs.

Hugh Walter said...

Hi Jon, they're 'action figures' on the link, these are 60/65mm 'ish solids, but you could be on the right track, as one does look a bit like Kirk (but it's the 'red shirt'!), I feel the pink one will be the time-locker, very distinctive?


jon attwood said...

Guinan in pink is indeed the key, I had the film right but not the manufacturer, having done a bit more research I think these are by Applause, and have been removed from their bases. Generations set shown here,


Hugh Walter said...

Yes, even before following the link, I know you're right! Applause did lots of esoteric or one-off limited size sets in the same PVC!


Hugh Walter said...

That's them alright! Welp, one day they will join their California Raisin and Big Bird bred'rin in the Applause zone! Cheers Jon!