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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

D is for Dani!

But is it Dani, M. R., or M.R. Dani, or 'Dani' by 'MR'? No matter, it's just a bit of fun tonight, and I'll put both in the tag list! A rather different thing tonight as well, being Argentinian cake decorations (not different) of Cinderella (not different), but non-Disney!

The bag has been a bit fogged over time with a million folds in the plastic and plenty of rubbing, so I gave it a plain background to get the few graphics clearly readable! I certainly couldn't tell from the on-line images what the set contained, just that it looked figural . . . and fun!

And it is! Not sure about the mouse, he's supposed to have been turned into coachmen or something, but this may be based on a South American cartoon, so maybe someone knows exactly what he's doing there? Thick flats, sculpted on both sides and painted rather crudely; Cinderella is no oil painting, and if you can't recognise her the next morning, you were probably dancing with somebody else!

So that's it, Dani/MR cake decorations of Cinderella, hard plastic, hand-painted flats with small icing spikes, bagged, from Argentina - box-ticked!

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