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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

C is for Crescent - 54mm British Infantry


We arrive at the Crescent 54mm Khaki Infantry, and the 'Berserker' (a faintly daft pose bobbing for apples with a biro stuck up the barrel of a pop-gun!) has come down from the attic and been removed from the box, should have done it ages ago, but I'd sort of convinced myself they were in storage!

As you can see my sample is a bit 'bitty', although my Blue 'enemy' versions (issued in a boxed set with the rocket-launcher) have increased from two to four since we last looked at them. The rest are a mix of tatty to home paint.

Copied in small-scale, probably initially by Blue Box, supplied to Tri-Ang for their Battle Space line of OO-gauge railways, they soon spread to many other pocket-money/rack-toy pirates and there are many, many diminutive clones of these fellah's, usually mixed-in with Britains poses - the Flamethrower escaped the exercise.

I'm not sure about either flamethrower's paint, I suspect they’ve both been mucked about with, and one day I'll probably strip most of mine back (kneeling gunner is OK) to bare plastic just to improve the overall appearance of them as a group . . . or just look out for some better ones, they're not particularly uncommon.

The story used to be the blue ones were issued with a gun, but I believe they came with the die-cast rocket launcher, which we may have seen here? I'll add an old low-res feebleBay image below.

The flamethrowers again - not must to shoot with such a small, tatty sample! I'm sure it should be bare plastic, the trouble is the painting of most Crescent is pretty rigid, but the Wild West range is all over the place, and the white tanks look like some of the Mexican's paint, so maybe an over enthusiastic out-painters 'Friday flourish'? No, it's a kid with idiot-fingers and a tin of Humbrol gloss, I know'sit!

I like this guy, nice pose, well executed and believable, you can picture him in the bockage waiting for the order to go through another hedge-line and see what's lurking on the other side.

As mentioned above, one of the boxed versions of which got the blue figures. This also appears in primary colours (red cab, BR-green body) as a more toy like thing. But in desert sand with [panzer] black mudguards, it needed blue figures . . . Germans! Lacking from the Crescent range for probably obvious reasons, they were snuck in later (by marketing?), to escort a 'V2' across the battlefield! In army green it was issued with 60mm helmeted 'commandos' as set 1202

First job for the newly liberated Berserker! A found object; another of the Zuru capsule toys (although now in blind bags), I found this guy in the street the other day (obviously a rich kid's duplicate, poor kids don't throw away their brand-new toys!). I think he's some sort of bad Spidey? You know my view of Marvel (my view of DC isn't much better but I prefer them to Marvel!), as a bad Spidey he needs bayoneting by a berserker!

He'll join Mr. Burke's berserker in the photographic department here at SSW Towers, not all the time, but from time to time as a 'sizer' in comparison shots - when I remember to use him!


Terranova47 said...

Interesting that you mention the Tri-ang Battle Space small version. Given the size of the Tri-ang range of toys, with the tin plate Minics for O guage railways, the larger Sherman and armoured car, the smaller plastic Minics as you recently blogged with the tank transporter/lowloader with armoured car, yet no toy soldiers?
Has there ever been an explaination of why this gap in their ranges?

Hugh Walter said...

No! . . . but I would imagine that is was A) they first (the grandparents) saw themselves as makers of 'traditional toys and plaything (hoops, dolls, bricks, puzzles), then B) the kids just felt is better to leave the field to Britains, and later C) the corporate body could see there was no point tackling Airfix?

Also Lines was such a vast empire by the mid-60's they may be behind a figure maker somewhere - not necessarily in the UK? Taffy - for instance, remain enigmatic, but someone put some money behind the big boxed set!


Hugh Walter said...

Should read 'parents'!