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Monday, July 9, 2018

I is for Invaders, Space Invaders!

These are from Mr Berke, and are a result the other day's crossed-wires, I'd seen them in the background of something he sent me a couple of years ago and they looked interesting, so I asked about them and he sent this better shot.

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Brian explains that they came from a store in Manhattan called 'Complete Strategist' and these were in the bargain-bin one day, so he has no maker for them, but they were unpainted war-gaming/role-play figures of the 25/28mm type and date from the 1990's.

Posed with a tin-plate rocket of classic 'pulp' lines, I like that they are physically different, but have been painted by 'Terranova' to match genetically! A bunch of Firefly 'Reavers' have come-down from the galactic rim to ruin your day with extreme prejudice and ultra-violence!

Anybody know who made them? Or the rocket, which seems to be a modern'ish copy of the old Japanese toys, I don't recognise the MP mark but the two yellow dots, as arranged round the big red one suggest Mars Patrol?

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