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Thursday, December 6, 2018

C is for C&T Auctions - Forthcoming 12th December 'James Opie' Sale - Press Release




Catalogues available two weeks before the sale – all lots are showing on www.the-saleroom.com
·         The Derek Goldberg Skybirds collection
·         Collection of the late Pat Campbell, Part II including the Delhi Durbar
·         Collection of the late Arthur Smith including CJB inter war Vehicles

Britains Figures:
Ancient Britains: OVER SIXTY FIRST OR SECOND VERSION SETS 1, Life Guards, 67, 1st Madras Native Infantry, 17, Somerset Light Infantry, 144 Royal Field Artillery, 105 Imperial Yeomanry, 108 6th Dragoons, 160, Territorial Infantry, 83, Middlesex Yeomanry, 147, Zulus, 38, Dr Jameson in original named box, 6, Boer Cavalry, 96 Omdurman 21st Lancers and 101 Life Guards in Blue

Golden Age: RARE set 1394, Card Fortress with soldiers, sets 1321, Armoured Car, 313 Royal Regiment of Artillery, Famous Regiments 1559 Lancashire Fusiliers, 218 Spanish Cavalry, 92 Spanish Infantry, 1436 Italian Infantry, Colonial Service Dress, 433 RAF Monoplane, 199 Motor Machine Gun Corps, 200 Motor Cycle Corps dispatch riders, 96 York and Lancaster Regiment,  RARE sets 253, Welsh Guards, 247, Arabs and 252, British Indian Army in original boxes etc.

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Lot 100

Britains Postwar: Knights of Agincourt, Black Watch Band, 2110, US Military Band, Picture Packs, RHA, Royal Marines, Underslung Lorry, 1544 Australian Infantry, Canadian troops, Band of the Berkshire Regiment etc. Altogether more than 380 hollowcast sets, with 272 original boxes.

Civilians: Britains RARE Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Set 1654 in original box, Britains Railwaymen, Circus, Wagons etc. Taylor and Barrett Elephant Ride, Aircraft and ARP Stretcher etc.

Plastic toy soldiers: Britains Eyes Right, Johnnie Walker, Cherilea movable Crusaders etc.

Continental figures: Heyde Arctic Exploration, Arab African Caravan, battles of Aduwa and Izonzo, Railway figures and passengers, gauge 1, Heinrich Highland Band, 90mm Polo and Hunt figures, early CBG Mignot, green bases, Dragoons, Artillery, Napoleonic and Lucotte. Figur Semi-flats, Miniature and Flat figures. Heinrichsen boxed Fontenoy set and thirty-two other sets, Elastolin, Vertunni, Noris large scale Foot Guard etc.

Courtenay: named Medieval Knights, unsigned.

Models: WWI 4.7 inch Gun, apprentice grade engineering model 1/24 scale.

New Toy Soldiers: Marlborough Delhi Durbar, Toy Army Workshop, Army Supply Co. etc.

The conversions of Freddie Green: Types of the Victorian Cavalry, Russian Tsarist Infantry, and Norfolk and West Kent Regiments at attention with mounted officer and colours.



James Opie
Toy Soldier Consultant:
Tel. +44 (0) 20 7794 7447
Web site www.james-opie.co.uk     

C&T Auctioneers:
Unit 4 High House Business Park, Kenardington, Nr Ashford, Kent TN26 2LF

Catalogues and Bids
Tel. (three lines) +44 (0) 1233 510050

The Sale will take place at:
The Spa Hotel (The Yorke Suite),
Mount Ephraim,
Royal Tunbridge Wells,
Sale commences at 10.00 a.m. Viewing from 8.30 throughout the day of the sale.

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