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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

C is for Cute Christmas Cat Card Collage

Or M is for Meowy Christmas . . . and a Happy New Purr! OK, so the moto was crap, but the card is too cool for a card school! I bought this in Clinton's last year, and so far they have nothing like it this year?

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It goes in the card flats! No it doesn't, it went-off to someone-else twelve-months ago, but mawkish sentiments apart, it was a lovely little thing and seemed to work from most angles. I think they've got nine cats in there and no stinky dogs!

YES they DO! I used to do house-clearance and drain-downs for a property maintenance outfit, and you could tell a house that had had a dog in it as soon as you opened the door, cats were only revealed when you studied any carpets left and found the fine mist of hairs, or the claw-damage to wallpaper at an 'I want this door opened now' height! I loved our dogs when we were kids, but they both stank!

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