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Saturday, December 3, 2022

News Views Etc . . . December Already!

Sorry for the absence, but Real Life! The car was proving difficult to get through the MOT and I had several mini-adventures sourcing injectors and a decent garage! Once it was going and taxed I had a lot of rushing about to do to catch up and in the meantime I've paid for a flat for six months and got my teeth fixed!

Don't forget it's the last London Toy Soldier Show later today, and it's the last-ever stand alone show, before the combining with the Sunday modelling and war games show into one, next Spring, which remains to prove itself?

Chalk Farm, London - London Toy Soldier Show

Haverstock School, 24 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm, London, NW3 2BQ

Web. - www.toysoldiershow.co.uk

eMail - kim@guidelinepublications.co.uk

Tel. - 01908 274 433

10:30 - 16:00hrs

Admission £6, early bird (from 09:30hrs) £10, late hares £4 - after 14:00hrs

Parking £5 (reasonable for London!)

Check all charges - this is an old profile.


Paul announced the firm date for the Plastic Warrior show a week or so ago, flyer below;

Plastic Warrior Magazine - Plastic Warrior Show - Plastic Toy Soldiers - Toy Soldiers - model Soldiers

London - Twickenham / Whitton - Plastic Warrior Magazine - Plastic Warrior Show

The Harlington Suite, The Winning Post Hotel, Chertsey Road, Whitton, Twickenham, London, TW2 6LS

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PlasticWarrior?fref=ts 

Blog. - http://plasticwarrioreditor.blogspot.com/

eMail - pw.editor3@gmail.com (pw.editor@ntlworld.com)

Tel. - 01483 830 743 (01483 722 778)

10:30hrs - Finish, no early-bird

Please note the new email is the only eMail, and check you have the right 'phone-number, as that's changed recently too. Still the best plastic figure show in the world!

Shot this for 2020, but ran out of time or circumstances dictated otherwise, two years running! Bisque figurines around 50mm, there's a lot of these around; I think I saw some in TKMaxx a couple of weeks ago, but the moss slowly brittles and fades away to dust, leaving them looking a bit sad and tatty, so I removed the figures after the shot and the stable went on the fire a year ago! Removing the remains of the hot-glue (sticky wax) was the hard part!


I had something else for here, but I can't remember what it was so it can't have been that important, or it can wait!


Andy B said...

Pleased to hear you can bite people again...

Paul Morehead said...

Thanks Hugh

Hugh Walter said...

Yes Andy, and spit venom!

Pleasure Paul!