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Sunday, November 27, 2022

B is for Bring It On!

America; Blow Moulded; BMC Japanese; Café Storm; Cherilea 54mm Soldiers; Composition Toy Soldiers; Crescent 54mm Troops; East germany Belgium Britain; Elastolin Hausser; England; France; French Toy Soldiers; germanny; Japan; JSB; Korean War; Lineol; Machine Gunner; Machine Gunners; Machine Guns; Machinegun Novelty; Machinegun Team; Made In; MG; MG Toy; MG's; Small Scale World; smallscaleworld.blogspot.com; Timpo GI's; UK; USA; WWII Toy Soldiers;
"Whatever you've got?
We're ready!
Bring it on"

I managed to get several lots the other day which appear to have been hacked from the machine-gunner's mother-lode, who knew there even was one, but the evidence is clear! The UN guy isn't ready, he's never ready! We'll have a couple of 'T is for Two's out of them and the rest will be filtered away for the future.


EY said...

The UN guy's arms look like they're made of spaghetti!

Hugh Walter said...

It's the worst set ever made EY, it leaves the East Africa Rifles looking quite good by comparison!


Jan Ferris said...

I seem to have been ambushed. What gives Hugh!

Hugh Walter said...

I'm hoping to do a B is for Back-at-cha' post Jan, but the parcel is overdue and I have a bad feeling about it, might be issuing a bunch of negative feedbacks . . .