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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

ITLAPD - is for Incredibly The Lad Acquired a Plethora of Desperadoes!

AHH-Harrr! Mee'arrties! Anotherrrr Int'ernationaaal Talk loik a poirate day be upon us arrrlll, and despoite the storrm-clouds outsoid, we be ready with a foin selection o'piraty plaaasstik!

To be honest, each year I wonder if there'll be enough to find for the next year, but it always seems to accumulate through the year, along with donations of both figures and images the supporters of the blog always contribute. As has become the norm in the last few years, we'll start with the odds and sods.

This was the ITLAPD 'seen elsewhere' image about three years ago, I think we saw them in detail last year, so it's just a Picasa-clearing box-ticker and colourful bunch of Hong Kong's finest Marx knock-off cake-decorations!

I think these were all in Chris Smith's Spring parcel, and are a right old collection of ner'do'wells, the smallest is a rather large pencil-top, the three to the left are probably all from 'big-box' infant toys or play-sets, while the lady is from the Webbs 'Supertoy' sets.

These two went to Charity with Chris's blessing, after I'd shot them for this post, and a couple of close-ups were also taken, the Disney mark might be 'Store' or licence, but I think he's Peter Pan, not PotC?

These are a real find!  A bit crappy, quality-wise, but growing on me, and we saw them before, a year or so ago, unbranded here, but under Kipp Brothers in the 'States, I now have more poses, and a branding! The axeman with cutless from last time is missing, so it looks like an eight-count on the total poses?

Jemark Pirates are the local mob, and I think these might have come from Peter Evans a while back? Standard rack-toy import fare, probably more likely found in party-shops? We have a large party-shop in Farnborough, and I check the Clapham one every January as regular readers will know, but they neither, ever have figures in their pirate sections!

Upper shot here is another lot of recent or contemporary rack-toy types, and it's proof that it'll be years before I have all or most Pirates, and yet the same exercise can be done with Romans, clowns, elephants . . . Nobody can ever have everything!

Below is a probably French figure, around 60mm I think, I forgot to measure him! More chalkware than some olin-composition, maybe pumice? He needs a bit of surgery on his right forearm, but is fortunately the kind of pink-shade you mix from red & white, so a mend will be well hide'able when I get around to it!

A mixture of figures which have come in over the last 12-months from all sources, on the left a PZG copy of Marx's Captain, two shots of a nicely painted, flamboyant chap from Cane, channelling Captain Harlock and a couple of small Vinyl oddities around 40mm, which might be from a board game?

These have all come from Jon Attwood, in two or three parcels with some Halloween stuff also from the same importer, who in this case is Rinco, and he got them as a job-lot from a closed-down beach-shop/kiosk. Erasers (halloween) and rings (here) and in over-moulded rubber, and a pirate theme!

These (upper shot) are currently in Poundland, and many thanks to Peter Evans for announcing them on his Faceplant group, I actually got a bunch of other things, but thought the three 'PLDZ' Hidden Garden naval items were piratey enough for this post!
While below the new resin treasure chest joins several others and a couple of piles of loot, again, all come in, in the last 12-months. The little green one looks familiar, but I can't place it and the large one with a base is a Disney Pirates of the Caribbean piece.
The small, odd shaped pile of plunder may be from something like Mighty Max (?), while I think the other is out of the top of a larger treasure chest I may already have, or still be looking out for?

These were a charity-thing, I think (apologies if you sent them?) and will be from a smaller 'big-box' play-set aimed at younger kids. I suspect the blue chap is a revenue-man, but not depicting a Brit . . . Spanish or generic 'toy town'? Fun, anyway!

Finally, three cannon; one from Technolog I believe; the grey one, a little PVC one which is Toy Major's design and might be an earlier one from the skeleton warriors sets? The red one is from a current rack-toy set (marked 'China') but I don't know which one yet!
Two shots of a home-painted Kinder pirate, who will need to be stripped-clean at some point, and a pair of the Papo 40mm's, a set which is still notable by its absence from the Blog in its entirety . . .Maybe next year?


jon attwood said...

Ahoy matey, cheers for sharing yon booty.

Hugh Walter said...

Aaah-Haarrrr! Pleasure to share Jon, especially when someone else has kindly sent them, thank YOU!