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Monday, October 25, 2021

P is for Pattern - 1907 Lee Enfield Sword Bayonet

To paraphrase Blue Peter, and further to the second-previous post - "here's one I shot earlier", the longer bayonet of the infantry, this has a non-standard, green canvas 1950's-dated take on the WWII frog which should take the short spike bayonet used in the European theater and which carried-on in service with the Lee-Enfield's until it's replacement with the FN-licensed SLR, and I think the metal of the scabbard has been polished up from gun-blacked, possibly for ceremonial duties?

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To Paraphrase Sunday's Post - This IS the long 17-inch 'sword' bayonet of WWI infantry charges across no-man's-land AND that of the 'Desert Rats' of the 8th army in those iconic press-shots (and Airfix artwork) of World War II!

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