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Monday, November 29, 2021

H is for How They Come In - March

This is a brief one two, but I suspect it was part of a larger parcel, some of which is in the queue, some of which has been blogged, either in Rack Toy month or more recently! But there are still a few nice bits here, and we'll return to the rockets in a future post.

Airfix HO - OO Figures; Blow-moulded Toy; Cavemen; Chess Set Pieces; Erzgebirge; Farm Pigs; Kinder Train; Montaplex Vikings; Palitoy Footballer; Prehistoric Animals; Projectiles; Rockets; Siege Engines; Small Scale World; smallscaleworld.blogspot.com; Toy Major; Water Pistol;
Peter Evans of Plastic Warrior fame was the contributor here, and we have clockwise from the top left; Toy Major handled (several other brand marks issued-) cave-men bits; a Montaplex Viking boat hull and blow-moulded water-pistol of Christmas cracker prize/gift proportions and another of those Palitoy (and others) kicking footballers.

A small bag of Airfix and other war-gaming plastics lies next to a bag of rocket projectiles and below them is something which is more amusing than interesting, given the state of plastics in the social conscience these days . . . it's plastic (Kinder I think) copies of the old Erzgebirge wooden micro/dolls-house trucks/trains, in wood-effect polymer!

Two castles from a resin chess set in the guise of siege-towers, a small bag of actual Erzgebige items and a couple of mini-pigs conclude the tour, I didn't get them out of the bags as it's mostly stuff building to bigger posts, or stuff we've seen in passing before, and they've been sorted away now, also I was pretty busy back in March, but all it's gratefully received into the archive, thanks again Peter.

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