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Monday, February 26, 2024

J is for Jet-O-Car!

Bit of a rarity here, it is mentioned in the multi-authored 'Blast Off' (ISBN 1-56971-576-9, 2001, pp.117; and the index in that - otherwise excellent - book is shite, I think they added some pages and never updated the index!), and only shot at the show, it was way outside my budget, and it sold before I had a chance to photograph it (about an hour before the doors opened!), but fortunately the new owner let me fire of a few quick shots.

The Poplar Plastics via Thomas Toys, pulp-era, dime-store type Jet-O-Car, a sprung-loaded beast, ready to spill shards of shattered polystyrene down all the skirting-boards in three colours of brittle polymer! Which is probably why it's so rare now!
Loosely similar to the Pyro Rocket Car, but with the addition of a clear-plastic canopy and the aerodynamic rear wheel-well/fairings, the mechanism is similar to the Airfix racing car we saw here (well, if we didn't, it's in the queue!) a while back.
It's unmarked, which calls into question a few of the 'Kleeware/Tudor Rose?' items, as this metallic blue plastic keeps cropping up, and with both widespread mould-sharing, and copying, it's never as clear as some would like? It's very much a case of if you don't have a maker's mark, or the box, it's unknown, even if you're pretty sure?

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