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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

R is for Railway Station, Passengers & Servicemen

But not those servicemen! Here's a coincidence, Jon Attwood sent this in his last lot of images, so it might have been later in the queue, but then John Rafferty (who I know dips into the blog now and again) happened, the other day, to mention 'Toy Shop', by Peter Blake, the well-known artist, famous for all sorts of things, but especially, among the younger of us, for his Beatles' album cover 'St Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which happened to have the same set!

We saw my card a while ago, when it finally surfaced from storage, before retuning thence, and I thought it might be missing a bit, well, it was missing the title 'bar' for some odd reason? In fact, it had had most of the picture cut off! So here it is in it's entirety, thanks Jon!
While the same set has been on display at the Tate, on and off since 1970! Left-of-centre in the upper-middle pane, with the Hong Kong knock-off cereal-premium racing cars below it! John had actually spotted the ABC copies of Britains Swoppet knights in the pane below, while an odd Marx Disney set is to be seen top right,  with three ducks (Donald, Daisy and one of the cousins?), the Red Queen and Captain Hook on the far right? Cheers to John!

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