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Monday, February 12, 2024

M is for ♪♪♫♪ Mamma Mia, Here He Goes Again, My-My, How Can I Desist Him? ♫♫♪♪

Oh yes! TJF thought to put paws to keyboard again in the matter of what I'm doing over here!

He started with a pirate ship which first appeared on a Faceplant group (to which we are both associated) back in 2021, and which then appeared here at Small Scale World in September of the same year (I'd been holding them for ITLAPD, and never comment on that poster's stuff) and again in 2022, so he's playing 'Simon says keep-up, catch-up!' there!

It has, in fact, been around for some years and had several issues, in several territories, under a half-dozen importers and a plethora of phantom, or in-house brands!
Then he managed to spell Plastoy as Plastotoys, which he was literally copying/quoting from a two-week old magazine, in his hands! His stupidity is the gift that keeps on giving, his 'arse-torn-out' is still up there, after a couple of weeks! He was referring to the set we looked at here, a few months ago:

Before showing us more new production from someone else's website, and a few figures of merit, he gets on to the nitty-gritty of the day, with the following puff-piece on my post of a few days ago, pertaining to Wing Wah and BMC:


We'll need the coloured crayons for a bit;

Hugh Walter in one of his latest posts talked about finding the BMC Alamo Mexicans on the card with a company name of Wing Wah. Well thank you! As I hardly provided empirical evidence for them being Wing Wah, you've obviously gone off and Googled them and found what was there all along! This card was sold in Greece. Was it? I said that, I might have been lying? You make it up all the time, after all! Don't worry Loyal Readers, I wasn't! He was confused about how the figures got to Greece. Err . . . "confused"? No, I gave the four possible scenarios from the available evidence, which were:
  1. BMC licensed a 'generic' Wing Wah set
  2. It was issued before BMC's involvement.
  3. Wing Wah were just shifting stock behind BMC's back.
  4. Wing Wah didn't have an 'exclusive' with BMC for the sculpts/production.
To clarify the situation I have to go to the conversations Laurie and I had with Bill McMasters of BMC Toys. Conversations he had more than ten or twenty years ago? With two dead people, and no empirical evidence? Given the level of memory he's shown us, in the past? But, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt! Bill told us he had an arrangement with a Chinese (in 1994 it was still very much a Hong Kong company, based in Hong Kong) company to produce playsets and figures. He provided the sculptures (the quality of the products hardly backs-up that hyperbole, but who are we to argue with a dead man?), box art (undoubtably), and other materials (do tell!). In return, he got an exclusive to sell the product in the United States. The Chinese [Hong Kong] company which we now know as Wing Wah from Hugh had the right to sell to the rest of the world. So the set from Greece is an example of that. As I said, it was?
So, firstly, if a 'legend' credits you, what does that make you? And secondly, I preferred my option-two, he is confirming option-four? It doesn't matter, I wasn't "confused", I was on the right tracks and hedging my bets against the available evidence. Now he's told us, we all know! But, it is both hearsay, and hyperbole!

And he's revealed how closely he follows this Blog, his post was two days ago, and I only posted the day before! And he's probably sent some extra traffic to the post, including - one hopes - those members of the PSTSM who are so loyal to The Jabbering Fuck, they really try not to follow my blog, even though the person who told them not to, clearly does . . . he's a very stupid man.

And while TJF also uses the term 'exclusive', generally, an 'exclusive-contract' is when the stuff can't be sold elsewhere, except by, or with the permission of the contractee, or under their logographies, it is in that context I used the word, and as such, was correct.
He (McMasters/BMC) didn't have an exclusive, the stuff was sold elsewhere, he had an embargo on- or memorandum of understanding with- Wing Wah for not shipping their product to the States, except in so far as it was for/marked-to BMC.

Bill did several of his playsets with this company until the owner died. The owner’s heirs had a falling out with Bill forcing him to find another company for his playsets. Americana Toy Soldiers came into Wing Wah and arranged to sell the old BMC product.
Ah, the red-letter moment! I'll just throw Wing Wah in there, like I knew all along! If you want to know what really happened, read the link at the end, as hinted-at above, TJF's got his memories in a twist!

To situation we will now call them Wing Wah soldiers the answer is no. They have been and will stay at BMC Toys. this is what the public know as well. This sentence is illiterate?
We can dispense with the colours now. what he's trying to say in that garbled last line, is pertaining to my red-letter comment, but he has already failed that, in a Godwin'esque fashion, by casually using the name in the previous sentence, as I had predicted people would, although in this case, he has already credited me with the origination!

The point I was making, was that those party's listed last time, would now refer to Wing Wah, when discussing the double-W logo, not the Alamo set specifically, not BMC in general, however as we have discovered before, his comprehension skill is very poor and is matched only by his ability to come to the wrong conclusion!
A logo which, prior to my post, some people had written absolute garbage about, tying it - falsely - into/with various other companies, and sometimes describing it - as fact - as a single W - Wello, Welly, Wentoys, Willco, etcetera!

Also, Americana didn't 'come into' Wing Wah, like the Airborne over Grenada! They got some stock, probably through an agent! Wasn't Imex involved at one point? I'd have to go look at tedious files to answer that myself, and it really doesn't matter!
Elsewhere (globally: the rest of the world! He's talking about a few hundred American collectors as if the rest of us don't count!), it would have remained Wing Wah, and that may even apply to my Greek set, by dates, I don't know, and I don't really care, the point of the post was identifying Wing Wah, period. Not the intricate, yet inconsequential, vagaries of global shipping programs for bagged, carded or boxed rack-toy import/exports! And to a Greek collector they ARE Wing Wah, as issued by BMC in the 'States!
I suspect, eventually we will find that in the UK we got both, with toy-soldeir dealers shipping from BMC, after reading about them in the Winter 1994 edition of Plastic Warrior magazine (issue No. 46), while independent convenience stores would have been getting WW-marked or generic sets from down the Hong Kong rack-toy pipeline, possibly earlier?!

I don't know why he keeps doing this, it's only a week or two since he got - as fact - a figure completely wrong, yet here he is trying to correct me, when I was correct? It's pathetic, it's stupid, and it's destroying any 'legacy' he thought he had? This tired, sad old man, shouting nonsense into the wind!

And then, when it can't get any better on the International Idiocy Scale, the cockwacking monkey-lizard popped up and said this;

I have the pirate ship but with two different poses inside.
I found mine at a theme park few years back .
Thanks for making clarification in the BMC history .
Is always great to set the facts straights rather than assumptions or made out tales run around free .
Yes! Yes, it is illiterate funk! He spaffed his pocket-money on some words from a dodgy geezer in the car-lot behind the diner, and then glued them together blindfold, it's a good effort! It's like a mutual-appreciation society of fuckwits, they never land their punches, and then I rip them to shreds, again! Even their fans must be getting bored with it now?

Some imagery from Bill B's 1987 trade catalogue. Yes, I've been sitting on it for years, I keep telling you there's about 800-and-something articles in the long queue, and yes, TJF should have learnt by now that whenever I reveal/reacquaint the hobby with one of these Hong Kong producers, there is usually more than one post to come!
You will note there are similarities with the output of both Rado Industries (Ri-Toys, the landing craft) and Kwong Shing-KS-Kamley-Kositoys (the aircraft and Chieftain tank), but sometimes when you study them next to each other, there are subtle differences, different wheels, different release-pin marks, dimensions &etc. Equally, they bought and sold this junk to each-other, or from third-parties, to make up the sets, so while it is my hope, one day, to attribute some of it, more definitively, that's still a big "We will see?"!
In the meantime, bog-standard Airfix figure piracies, with various accessories, which by the mid-1980's were starting to look like the tired 1970's fare they were! And the brighter among you will have noticed the base-undersides of the Wing Wah Alamo figures, bear a resemblance to the Crescent copy ceremonials we looked at a while ago, and some of the Herald ACW copies out there, could they (factory painted) be earlier product of Wing Wah?
There's not enough evidence to call it, but it's food-for-thought . . . for the thoughtful, not for idiotic morons like TJF and his sidekick!
And I should add that all the above, and everything in the previous post pertains to the previous iteration of BMC, under the leadership of the late Mr. McMasters, and not the current iteration of BMC (VictoryBuy Inc.) with Jeff Imel at the helm, he bought the intellectual property of the older firm, and others, and probably some late stock, but the improved Alamo figures are re-sculpts (2018'ish?), with new bases, and no aspersions are intended to be cast on the new BMC by either post.
And Mr. Imel explains it all somewhat more clearly than Mr. Stadinger, here:

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