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I’m a 58-year-old Aspergic gardening CAD-Monkey. Sardonic, cynical and with the political leanings of a social reformer, I’m also a toy and model figure collector, particularly interested in the history of plastics and plastic toys. Other interests are history, current affairs, modern art, and architecture, gardening and natural history. I love plain chocolate, fireworks and trees but I don’t hug them, I do hug kittens. I hate ignorance, when it can be avoided, so I hate the 'educational' establishment and pity the millions they’ve failed with teaching-to-test and rote 'learning' and I hate the short-sighted stupidity of the entire ruling/industrial elite, with their planet destroying fascism and added “buy-one-get-one-free”. I also have no time for fools and little time for the false crap we're all supposed to pretend we haven't noticed, or the games we're supposed to play. I will 'bite the hand that feeds' to remind it why it feeds.


Abbreviations, Acronyms, Initialisms and Short-Forms 

As used in civil and military toy and model collecting, modelling, figure collecting, war-gaming and role-play, fandom, toy manufacture and materials, sale and resale, on-line forums, radio control, slot racing and model railways, with some art, antiques and auctioning thrown in for good measure

In line with all these pages, it has been cobbled together by one man with Asperger's! So if you spot any errors or omissions or think you have something to add, drop me a line and I'll edit with full acknowledgement. Updates will be occasional as this page is a bugger to work on with layers of Word for Office coding fighting with layers of Blogger formatting!

Note: Blogger does not like the ampersand ('and' sign), and will from time to time convert it into an ... &-a-m-p-; ... if you see this below you need to read it as a single 'and' sign!


/ - Incomplete set (stamps)
// - Incomplete set (stamps)
* - Mint. Lightly Hinged (stamps, obverse/gum condition)
** - Mint, Never Hinged (stamps, obverse/gum condition)
=][= - Inquisition (Warhammer, see also; =I=)
O - [sometimes with dot in the 'o'] Used (stamps, condition, also listed under 'o')
1/6 - One-sixth [scale] (12 inch action figures)
1ère - First (French)
1i - One-Eye [productions] (games manufacturer)
1k Sons - Thousand Sons (Warhammer Chaos, see also; TS)
1st Ed. / 2nd Ed. [etc...] - First / Second Edition
1W - One-inch Warrior (short-lived small-scale magazine from PW)
1-87 WTD - 1:87th [scale] World Tanks Depot (Spanish manufacturer)
2A0 - 1189 x 1682 mm / 46.8 x 66.2 in (A series paper size)
2D - Two-dimensional (card, film-cell, 'flat', paper etc...)
2D6 - Two Six-sided Dice
2ème, 3ème... - Second, third [etc...] (French)
2.4GHz / 2.4 Gig. - Two-point-Four Gigahertz (radio-control, frequency for digital control systems, UK and US, replacing 27MHz)
2nd St. - Second State (altered prints of proofs, books, posters, prints)
2-Stroke. - Two-stroke [cycle engine] (radio-control engine type)
2WD - Two-wheel/ed Drive (see also FWD and RWD)
3D - Three-dimensional (CAD/CAM, flying models flight patterns, see also; 3F)
3DoG - Three Days of [the Battle of] Gettysburg (GMT game)
3F - Flip Flop Flying (radio-controlled flying, sloppy 3D)
3M - Minnesota Mining [and] Manufacturing [company] (multinational manufacturer)
3W - World Wide Wargames (board games manufacturer)
4x4 - Four-wheel/ed [drive] on Four-wheeled [chassis] (therefore; AWD)
4x6 - Four-wheel/ed [drive] on Six-wheeled [chassis]
4x8 - Four-wheel/ed [drive] on Eight-wheeled [chassis]
4A0 - 1682 x 2378 mm / 66.2 x 93.6 in (A series paper size)
4-Stroke. - Four-stroke [cycle engine] (radio-control engine type)
4WD - Four-wheel/ed Drive
5 & 10 / 5 and 10 - Five and Dime (US store type)
6x6 - Six-wheel/ed [drive] on Six-wheeled [chassis] (therefore; AWD)
6WD - Six-wheel/ed Drive (usually also AWD)
7YW - [The] Seven Years War (pan-European war between 1754 and 1763)
8x8 - Eight-wheel/ed [drive] on Eight-wheeled [chassis] (therefore; AWD)
8WD - Eight-wheel/ed Drive (usually also AWD)
21C - 21st Century [Toys] (manufacturer, not to be confused with C21, see also; 21st)
21st - 21st Century [Toys] (manufacturer, not to be confused with C21, see also; 21C)
27MHz / 27 Meg. - Twenty-seven Megahertz (radio-control, air or ground models, see also; 50, 72 and 75MHz, being phased out and replaced by 2.4GHz)
30th - Thirtieth [anniversary edition] (Hasbro 1994 GI Joe doll)
35MHz / 35 Meg. - Thirty-five Megahertz (radio-control, air or ground models, see also; 50, 72 and 75MHz, UK equivalent of US 72MHz)
40K / 40k - [Warhammer] 40,000 (Games Workshop gaming system)
40MHz / 40 Meg. - Forty Megahertz (radio-control, UK, ground vehicles and boats only)
40th - Fortieth [anniversary edition] (Hasbro 2004 GI Joe doll, also known as and see; TC)
50MHz / 50 Meg. - Fifty Megahertz (radio-control, air or ground models, in the US 50MHz is licensed by FCC, see also; 27, 72 and 75MHz, US)
50th - Fiftieth [anniversary edition] (Hasbro 1994 GI Joe doll commemorating WWII)
72MHz / 72 Meg. - Seventy-two Megahertz (radio-control, air-borne models, see also; 25 and 50MHz, US)
75MHz / 75 Meg. - Seventy-five Megahertz (radio-control, ground models, see also; 25 and 50MHz, US)
'100 Days' - (Period beween Napoleon's return from exile and events culminating in the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo)
100YW - [The] Hundred Years War (I wouldn't try explaining it!)
180, 360, 540... - [Degrees in an arc or turn] (radio-control, slot racing etc...)
A0 - 841 x 1189 mm / 33.1 x 46.8 in (A series paper size)
A1 - 594 x 841 mm / 23.4 x 33.1 in (A series paper size)
A2 - 420 x 594 mm / 16.5 x 23.4 in (A series paper size)
A3 - 297 x 420 mm / 11.7 x 16.5 in (A series paper size)
A4 - 210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in (A series paper size)
A5 - 148 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 in (A series paper size)
A6 - 105 x 148 mm / 4.1 x 5.8 in (A series paper size)
A7 - 74 x 105 mm / 2.9 x 4.1 in (A series paper size)
A8 - 52 x 74 mm / 2.0 x 2.9 in (A series paper size)
A9 - 37 x 52 mm / 1.5 x 2.0 in (A series paper size)
A10 - 26 x 37 mm / 1.0 x 1.5 in (A series paper size)
AA - (1) African-American (action figure skin-type, as opposed to and see also; CA)
AA - (2) Anti-Aircraft (war gaming - from the military)
AA - (3) Artificer Armour (Warhammer Space-Marines)
AAA - Anti-Aircraft Artillery (war gaming - from the military)
AAR - (1) After Action Report (war gaming)
AAR - (2) Association [of] American Railroads
AAT - Armored Assault Tank (Star Wars vehicle)
AB - (1) Army Book (war gaming)
AB - (2) Army Builder (common figures)
ABC - Aluminium, Brass and Chrome [or Composite/ion] (radio-controlled engine type, see also ABL and ABN)
AB Eye - Air-brushed Eyes (My Little Pony)
ABiA - Aura Battler in Action (toy line)
ABJD - Asian Ball-Jointed Doll
ABL - Advanced Bi-metallic Liner (radio-controlled engine type, form of ABN, see also; ABC)
ABN - Aluminium, Brass [and] Nickel (radio-controlled engine type, see also; ABC and ABL)
ABNC - American Bank Note Company (numismatics, stamps)
ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (plastic polymer)
ABY - After [the] Battle [of] Yavin (Star Wars, see also; BBY and BY)
AC - (1) Alternating Current (model railways, radio-control, slot racing, electrics, see also; AC/DC and DC)
AC - (2) Assault Cannon (gaming)
AC - (3) Armoured Company (gaming)
AC - (4) Aspiring Champion (Warhammer Chaos)
AC - (5) Autocannon (gaming)
AC/DC - Alternating Current / Direct Current (model railways, radio-control, slot racing, electrics, see also; AC and DC)
A-Cert - A [level] Certificate (radio-control, BMFA certification, entry level, see also B-Cert and C-Cert)
A Class. - Advanced Classification (slot racing, see also; B Class.)
ACT - Anti-Crash Technology (radio-control)
ACTA - A Call to Arms (figure manufacturer)
ACTS - Automated Card Tracking System (gaming system)
ACW - American Civil War
AD - Anthony Daniels (Star Wars actor who plays C-3P0)
Ad. - Advertisement
ADB - Amarillo Design Bureau (board games manufacturer)
Addr. - (1) Address (General)
Addr. - (2) Addressed (Pilately)
ADG - Australian Design Group (games pulisher)
Adm. - [Postal] Admininstration (Philately)
Admin. - [Postal] Admininstration (Philately)
AE - American Eagle (coins)
AECP - Anniversary Edition Collectors Pose (My Little Pony 25th anniversary re-issues)
AF - Armoured Fist (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
AFAIK - As Far as I Know (Internet, forums, online)
AFOL - Adult Fan of Lego (see also; ALE and ALH)
AFR - Adjustable Function Rate (radio-control)
AFV/s - Armoured Fighting Vehicle/s
AFR - Adjustable Function Rate (radio-control, see also; ATV)
Afx. - Airfix (model kit and toy soldier manufacturer)
AG - (1) About Good (condition, coins)
AG - (2) Adrenal Glands (Warhammer Tyranids)
Ag. - Silver (element, coins)
AGYL - Adults get Younger Later (see also; KGOY)
AH - (1) All Human (fan fiction where super heroes are portrayed as humans)
AH - (2) Avalon Hill [Gaming Co.] (games manufacturer, see also; TAHGC)
AHI - Azrak Hamway International (general toy importer and manufacturer)
AHM - Associated Hobby Manufacturers (general toy and hobby manufacturer, now IHC)
AH / SI - Avalon Hill - Sports Illustrated (sports games publishing arm of AH)
AI - Artificial Intelligence (gaming, general and licensed movie title)
AIC - Adult [fans of Lego] Inner Circle (company testing / feedback / focus-group)
AILE / Aile. - Ailerons (model aircraft)
AiP / AIP -  Armies in Plastic (plastic figure manufacturer)
AKA - Also Known As (Internet, forums, online)
AL - Alpha Legion (Warhammer Chaos)
ALE - Adult Lego Hobbyist (see also; AFOL and ALH)
ALH - Adult Fan of Lego (see also; AFOL and ALE)
AM - (1) Academy-Minicraft (merged kit-manufacturers)
AM - (2) Action Man (Hasbro's GI Joe licence produced for the UK by Palitoy)
AM - (3) Almost Mint (condition)
AM - (4) Amplitude Modulation (radio-control)
AMA - [The] Academy [of] Model Aeronautics (official national body for model aviation in the US)
Amb. - Amber (colour, stamps)
AML  -  Associazione Modellistica Legione (Italian - 1:6th scale figure manufacturer)
AMT - All Moving Tail (radio-controlled aircraft)
AMV/'s - Anime Music Video/s
AN - Author's Note (publishing, fan fiction)
ANA - American Numismatic Association (see also; ANS)
ANACS - American Numismatic Association Certification Service
ANH - A New Hope (Star Wars licensed characters; Episode IV originally titled 'Star Wars'; SW)
Anil. - Anline (philately/printing; inks)
Anniv. - Anniversary
ANS - American Numismatic Society (see also; ANA)
AO / A/O - All Original (condition)
AOA - Angle of Attack (radio-controlled aircraft)
AoBR - Assault on Black Reach (gaming game / scenario)
AOC - Agents of Chaos (Star Wars novel duology)
AoF - Acts of Faith (Warhammer Inquisition)
AOI - Angle of Incidence (radio-controlled aircraft)
AOME - Armies of Middle Earth (Tolkein's world toy-line from Play Along Toys)
AOP - All-over Pattern
AOTC - Attack of the Clones (Star Wars, Episode II)
AP - (1) Analysis Paralysis (gaming)
AP - (2) Artists Proof (books, posters, prints, see also; EA, HC, PP and TP)
Ap. - Apple (colour, stamps)
APO - Army Post Office (Philately, US equivalent of BFPO)
APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier (war gaming - from the military)
APE - Advanced Primate Entertainment (manufacturer)
Approx. - Approximately
Aprx. - Approximately
APS - American Philatelic Society
Apx. - Approximately
Aqua. - Aquamarine (colour, stamps)
AR - (1) Alternate Reality (Star Wars, sci-fi, gaming, fan fiction &etc...see also; AT and; AU)
AR - (2) Artist Resin (Breyer horses)
ARC - Almost Ready [to] Crash (radio-control, wobbling...)
Arco's. - Arco-flagellants (Warhammer Inquisition)
ARF - Almost Ready [to] Fly (radio-control, toy, usually powered, that requires minimal construction or additional components, see also; ARR, ARTR, BNF, PNP, RTF and RTR)
ARG - Alternate Reality Game (gaming)
Argie / Argy - Argentinean (origin)
ARR - Almost Ready [to] Run (radio-control, slot racing, toy, usually powered, that requires minimal construction or additional components, see also; ARF, ARTR, BNF, PNP, RTF and RTR)
ARSE - Accurately Realized Scale [railway] Engines (Lego)
ARTR - Almost Ready to Run (radio-control, toy, usually powered, that requires minimal construction or additional components, see also; ARF, ARR, BNF, PNP, RTF and RTR)
AS - (1) Anakin Solo (Star Wars character)
AS - (2) Armour Save (gaming)
AS - (3) Assault Squad (gaming)
ASA - America Society [of] Appraisers
ASB - American Saddlebred (Breyer horses)
ASDA - American Stamp Dealers Association
ASE - American Silver Eagle (dollar coin, sometimes just; SE)
ASHF - Action Stock Horse Foal (Breyer horses)
ASL - Advanced Squad Leader (board game, see also SL)
ASLSK - Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit (board game)
Asp. - Aspirant / Aspiring [champion] (Warhammer Chaos)
Assoc. - Association
ASSR - Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
ASTRAC - Automatic Simultaneous Train Control (model railways, US)
AT - (1) Adventure Team (GI Joe)
AT - (2) Almost Trash (condition)
AT - (3) Alternate Timeline (Star Wars, sci-fi, gaming, fan fiction &etc...See also; AR and; AU)
AT - (4) Anti-Tank (Warhammer, war gaming, from the military)
AT-AT - All Terrain Armoured Transport (Star Wars vehicle)
ATC - Asahi Toy Company (Japanese manufacturer)
ATHQ - (1) Adventure Team Headquarters (GI Joe line)
ATHQ - (2) Adventure Team Headquarters (GI Joe mailing list)
ATL - (1) Adjustable Trim Low-side [only] (radio-control)
ATL / Atl. - (2) Atlantic (Italian general toy and figure manufacturer)
ATS - (1) Auction Technology Specialist (US professional designation)
ATS - (2) Automatic Tail System (radio-control)
ATSKNF - And They Shall Know No Fear (Warhammer Space-Marines)
AT-ST - All Terrain Scout Transport (Star Wars vehicle)
AT-TE - All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (Star Wars vehicle)
ATV - (1) Adjustable Travel Volume (radio-controlled servo feature, see also AFR, ATV/EPA and EPA)
ATV - (2) All Terrain Vehicle
ATV/EPA - Adjustable Travel Volume [and/or] End Point Adjustment (radio-controlled servo feature, see also ATV and EPA)
AU - (1) About / Almost Uncirculated (coin or note, as; Near Mint, also; A Unc.)
AU - (2) Alternate Universe (Star Wars, sci-fi, gaming, fan fiction &etc...See also; AR and; AT)
A Unc. - About / Almost Uncirculated (coin or note, as; Near Mint, also; AU)
Aussie - Australian (origin)
Auto. - Autorotation (radio-controlled helicopters, powerless decent and landing)
AV - Armour Value/s (gaming)
Av. - Average (condition, stamps; less than fine)
AVCS - Angular Vector Control System/Servo (radio-controlled helicopters, also; HH)
Ave. - Average (condition, stamps; less than fine)
AVP- Avalanche Press (games manufacturer)
AWD - All-wheel/ed Drive / All Wheels Driven
Az. - Azure (colour, stamps)
B - (1) Black (colour, stamps, see also; Blk.)
B - (2) Black (colour, stamps; postmarks/cancellations)
B - (3) [Stamp] Booklet (philately, stamps, see also; Bklt.)
b. - Born (usually followed by a date and/or place)
BA - Blood Angels (Games Workshop, Warhammer)
Babs. - Barbies (Mattel dolls)
BAC - Books and Comics
BAF - Build-A-Figure (action figures)
'Bans - Howling Banshees (Warhammer)
B-Arms. - Brickarms (Lego - weapons - website)
BAS - Benefit Auction Specialist (US professional designation)
'Bash - Kitbash / Kit Bash / Kit-bash (modelling, gaming, action figures and others)
BatRep - Battle Report (wargaming)
BB - (1) Ball-bearing (air weapons, radio-control, slot racing)
BB - (2) Big Brother (My Little Pony line, independent television license, Orwell's fiction)
BB - (3) Blind Bag
BB - (4) Blue Box (general toy manufacturer, common older use, also BBi and BBT)
BB - (5) Bulletin Board (Internet, forums, online)
BBB - Big Black Book (Warhammer, the 3rd edition rulebook, see also BGB and BRB)
BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
BBE - Beddy-Bye-Eye (My Little Pony eye-closing toys)
BBFC - British Board [of] Film Classification
BBi / BBI - Blue Box International (manufacturer, modern use, see also; BB and BBT)
B-Boys. - Burna Boyz (Warhammer Orks)
BBR - Big Ugly Road Base-plate (Lego element, see also; BURB)
BBT - (1) Bluebird Toys (manufacturer)
BBT - (2) Blue Box Toys (manufacturer, uncommon use, also BB and BBi)
BBY - Before [the] Battle [of] Yavin (Star Wars, see also; ABY and BY)
BC - (1) British Commonwealth
BC - (2) Burst Cannons (Warhammer Tau)
B&C - Bolter and Chainsword [armed] (Games Workshop)
BCA - Book Club Associates (publisher with Games Workshop tie-in)
BCF - British Chess Federation (until 2005, now ECF)
B Class. - Beginner Classification (slot racing, see also A Class.)
BCM - British Chess Magazine
BCO - Batsford Chess Openings (published; 1982)
BCO-2 - Batsford Chess Openings 2nd [edition] (published; 1989)
BD - (1) Battle Dress
BD - (2) Battle Droid (Star Wars)
BEC - Battery Eliminator Circuit/ry (radio-control)
BEP - Bureau [of] Engraving [and] Printing (coins/philately, US government agency for producing paper monies)
BF - (1) Boba Fett (Star Wars licensed character)
BF - (2) BreyerFest (Breyer horses)
BFC - Black Fleet Crisis (Star Wars novel series)
BFFS - British Flat Figure Society (see also; IFFS)
B-Forge. - Brickforge (Lego - medieval - website)
BFG - (1) Battlefleet Gothic (Games Workshop game)
BFG - (2) Big Friendly Giant (licensed characters)
BFTBG - Blood for the Blood God (Warhammer Chaos)
BFPO - British Forces Post Office (philately, see also; APO)
BGB - Big Grey Book (Warhammer, the 4th edition rulebook, see also BBB and BRB)
BGG - BoardGameGeek (on-line website)
BHGS - British Historical Games Society (organisation)
BHS - Big Head Syndrome (Barbie doll type 1967-1977)
BI - Building Instructions (Lego, construction toys)
Bicent. - Bicentennial (generally; US, 1779-1979)
BIN - Buy it Now (online auctions)
Bipe. - Biplane (flying models)
Biomech. - (1) Biological-Mechaniod (gaming)
Biomech. - (2) Bionicle-Mechanical (Lego, 'Mecha' from Bionicle parts capable of taking a minifig)
Bis. - Bister (colour, stamps - brownish yellow)
BITS - British Isles Traveller Support (charity that released toys as fundraisers)
BIY - Build It Yourself (commonly and see; DIY)
BJD - Ball [and socket] Jointed Doll
BK - Burger King [Corporation] (US premium issuer)
Bklt. - [Stamp] Booklet (philately/stamps see also; B)
Bkstp./s. - Backstamp/s
BKW - Bent Knee Walker (doll with jointed knees)
BL - (1) Battleline (board games manufacturer)
BL - (2) Black Legion (Warhammer Chaos)
BL - (3) Black Library (Games Workshop)
BL - Bright Lance (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
Bl. - Blue (colour, stamps)
Bld. - Blood (colour, stamps)
B-Link. - Bricklink (Lego website)
Blk. - (1) Black (colour, stamps, see also; B)
Blk. - (2) [Stamp] Block (philately)
Blog - Web-Log (online, Internet, computing)
BMC - Britannia Model Company (hollow-cast figure manufacturer)
BMFA - British Model Flying Association (previously; SMAE)
BMSS - British Model Soldier Society
BNA - British North America (origin)
BNIB - Brand New in Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
BNIC - Brand-new in Carton / Cellophane (condition)
BNIP - Brand-new in Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
BNIS - Brand-new in Shrink-wrap (condition)
BNF - Bind 'n Fly (radio-controlled aircraft, toy, usually powered, that requires few or no construction or additional components, see also; ARF, ARR, ARTR, PNP, RTF and RTR)
B'n'G - Brush and Grow (My Little Pony)
B/O - Battery Operated [toy]
BOB - Back of Book (stamp catalog term; items other than regular postage stamps)
BoC - Beasts of Chaos (Warhammer)
BOD / BoD - Buckets of Dice (gaming, alternative combat resolution to CRT's)
BOGOF / Bogof - Buy One, Get One Free (form of discounting, reminder of how much you are usually overcharged!)
BOLOC's - Built of Lots of Colours (construction toys)
BoLS - Bell of Lost Souls (Games Workshop)
BOP - Bird of Prey (Star Trek spaceship)
BP - (1) Battle Pilgrims (Warhammer Bretonia)
BP - (2) Balance Point (Star Wars novel)
BP - (3) Bolt Pistol (Warhammer Space-Marines 'bolter')
BP - (4) Boss Pole (Warhammer Orks)
BP - (5) British Petroleum (premium issuer)
BPA - Board-game Players Association
BR - (1) Blockade Runner (Star Wars spaceship)
BR / Br. - (2) Brown (copper coin)
BRB - Big Red Book (Warhammer, the 5rd edition rulebook, see also BBB and BGB)
BRCA - British Radio [controlled] Car Association
Brets. - Bretonnians (Warhammer)
Bril. - Brilliant (colour brightness, stamps)
Brit. - (1) [William] Britains (Toy figure, military and farm vehicle manufacturer)
Brit. - (2) British (origin)
Brn. - Brown (colour, stamps)
Brnt. - Burnt (colour, stamps)
Brnsh. - Brownish (colour, stamps)
Brnz. - Bronze (colour, stamps)
BRS - Blue Ribbon Sticker (Breyer horses)
Brt. - Bright (colour brightness, stamps)
Brtns. - [William] Britains (Toy figure, military and farm vehicle manufacturer)BS - British [state's absolute or minimum health, safety or environmental quality/measurement] Standards
B&S - Barratt and Sons (farm and zoo figure manufacture, see also FGT and T&B)
BSCRA - British Slot Car Racing Association
BSI - British Standards Institute
BSB - Battle Standard Bearer (Warhammer)
BS/LW /  BS+LW - Bonesword and Lash Whip (Warhammer Tyranid)
BSW - Brettspielwelt (German - board gaming website)
BT - (1) Biel Tan (Warhammer, Eldar Craftworld)
BT - (2) Black Templars (Games Workshop)
BT - (3) Bloodthirster [Daemon] (Warhammer)
BT - (4) Bolt Thrower (war gaming and role-playing)
BTAS - Batman the Animated Series (licensed characters)
BTB / B-t-B - Base to Base (gaming combat)
BTD - Beneath the Dome (Star Wars, mokumentary on back-story of R2-D2 character)
BTS - Behind the Scene/s (model railway 'fiddle-yards', movies)
BTW - By the Way (Internet, forums, online)
Btwn. - Between
BU - Brilliant Uncirculated (coin, as; Mint)
BUA - Built-up Area (war gaming, from the military Fibua; 'Fighting in' BUA's and Dibua; Defence in...)
Bur. - Bureau
BURB - Big Ugly Road Base-plate (Lego element, see also; BBR)
BURP - Big Ugly Rock Piece (Lego element, see also; LURP and MURP)
BüM  - Barcelona Universal Models (Spanish manufacturer)
BüM SloT  - Barcelona Universal Models Slot [Racing] (Spanish manufacturer)
BW - (1) Battlewagon (war gaming, Warhammer Orks)
BW - (2) B-Shaped Wing [style] (Star Wars spaceship, also; B-Wing, see also; XW and YW)
B-Wing - B-Shaped Wing [style] (Star Wars spaceship, also; B-W, see also; X-Wing and Y-Wing)
BY - Battle of Yavin (Star Wars, see also ABY and BBY)
C - (1) Capacity [of battery] (radio-control)
C - (2) Certificate/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
C - (3) Charlotte [mint] (US coins)
C - (4) Chipped (condition)
C - (5) Circa (Latin, believed to be from the time of; prefix to approximate date, also; ca.)
C - (6) Condition (see next entry; C0-C8 [or C10])
C0 - C8 [or C10] - Condition Zero - Ten (0 being absolute trash, 8 or ten - depending on the hobby or dealer; being absolutely mint with all packaging and accessories, leaflets etc.)
C21 - Century21 (JR21 brand, not to be confused with 21C)
CA - (1) Caucasian-American (action-figure skin-type, as opposed to and see also; AA)
CA - (2) Chapter Approved (Warhammer, books or White Dwarf articles)
CA - (3) Cyanoacrylate [adhesive] ('superglue', see also; CAA, CA Glue and Cyano. not 'cyanoacrylite')
ca. - (4) Circa (Latin, believed to be from the time of; prefix to approximate date, also; C)
CAA - Cyanoacrylate Adhesive ('superglue', see also; CA, CA Glue and Cyano. not 'cyanoacrylite')
CAD - Computer Aided Design (production, computing)
CAD-CAM - Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacture (production, computing)
CA Glue. - Cyanoacrylate [adhesive] ('superglue', see also; CA, CAA, and Cyano. not 'cyanoacrylite')
CAI - Certified Auctioneers Institute (US)
Cam. - (1) Cameo (broach, coin, relief etc...)
Camo. / Cammo. - (2) Camouflage
Cans. - Tanks; 'Tin Cans' (slang, modelling and war gaming)
CAP - Combat Air Patrol (war gaming)
CAU - Cultist Among Us (Internet, forums, online)
CB - (1) Centre of Buoyancy (ship modelling, float-planes)
CB - (2) Chibi (Japanese for 'mini', generic term for SD - Super Deforms)
CBK - Classic British Kit (modelling, pre-1980's plastic kits)
CC - (1) Carson City [Mint] (US coins)
CC / C-C - (2) Classic Castle (Lego website)
CC - (3) Classic Collection/s (Corgi, GI Joe, Lego et al; modern marketing tools/gimmicks)
CC - (4) Close Combat (war gaming)
CC - (5) Combat Commander (series of board games)
CC - (6) Cubic Centimeters
C&C - Command and Colours (board game)
CCC - Casino Control Commission
CCG - Collectable Card Game (see also; TCG)
CCPM - Cyclic / Collective Pitch Mixing (radio-control, occasionally; eCCPM, incorrectly; mCCPM)
CCS - Company Command Squad (gaming)
CCW - Close Combat Weapon (gaming)
CD - Chaos Daemons (Games Workshop)
CD - Command Decision (war gaming rule set)
CDG - (1) Card Driven Game (gaming)
CDG - (2) Collectible Dice Game (gaming)
CDN - Coin Dealer's Newsletter (also known as the 'Grey Sheet')
Cds. - Cards (gaming)
CDU - Capacitor Discharge Unit (model railway electrics)
CE - Commemorative Edition (limited edition attached to a cause or specific 'hook', see; LE)
CE - Conformité Européenne (European Union's absolute or minimum health, safety or environmental quality/measurement standards)
Cel. / 'Cel' - Celluloid (specifically; film industry; film 'cels')
Cell. - Celluloid (polymer)
'Cello' - Cellophane (mostly American verbal short form)
CES - Certified Estate [auctions] Specialist (US professional designation)
CF - (1) Carbon Fibre (material)
CF - (2) Chain Fist (Warhammer Space-Marines)
CF - (3) Concave-Foot (My Little Pony)
CG / C/G - (1) Centre [of] Gravity (radio-control, ship modelling, slot racing, occasionally; CoG)
CG - (2) Collectable Game (gaming)
CG - (3) Cy-Girl / Cyber Girl (Blue Box female action-figure line)
CGI - Computer-generated Image / Images / Imaging (computers, Internet)
Ch. - [Radio] Channel (radio-control)
Chop. - Chopped (coin with chop marks)
CI - Cast Iron (material)
CIJ - Compagnie Industrielle [du] Jouets (French - toy manufacturer)
Circ. - Circulated / Circulating (coin/s)
Cit. - Citadel [Miniatures] (Games Workshop figure arm/brand)
CJA - Complicated Jargon [and] Acronyms
CL - (1) Centre [of] Lift (model aircraft, radio-control)
CL - (2) Classic [scale] (Breyer horses, 1:12th scale, also; Class.)
Class. - (1) Classic [scale] (Breyer horses, 1:12th scale, also; CL)
'Class' - (2) Classification
CLC - Curve Lane Changer (slot racing - digital Scalextric power/control component)
CM - (1) Chateau Montreford (Warhammer defunct website / Bretonnian forum)
CM - (2) Closed Mouth (doll with closed lips, no mouth opening)
CM - Customised Model (see also; Cust., Mod., Modded, Mods., Rep., RR and RRH)
CN / C/N - (1) Catalogue Number
CN / C/N - (2) Copper-Nickel / Cupro-Nickel (metal alloy; 88% copper, 12% nickel)
CNB - Complete, [with] no Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
CNC - (1) Complete, [with] no Card / Carton / Cellophane (condition)
CNC - (2) Computerised Numerical Control (CAD-CAM production machine)
CNP - Complete, [with] no Pack/ Package / Packaging (condition)
CNS - Complete, [with] no Shrink-wrap (condition)
COA - (1) Certificate/s of Authenticity (Franklin and Danbury mints, Breyer, some Corgi &etc..)
COA / CoA - (2) Clash of Arms (games manufacturer)
CoD - Close Order Drill [formation] (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
Codeg - Cowan de Groot [Ltd] (general toy importer, commisioner)
CoG - Centre of Gravity (radio-control, ship modelling, slot racing, commonly; CG)
CoH - Conflict of Heroes (board game)
COFC - {shipping] Container on Flat-car (model railways, US)
Collab. - Collaboration / Collaborative (publishing, fan fiction)
Com. - Commutator (slot racing)
Com-Cooler - Commutator Cooling [device] (slot racing)
Com-Lathe - Commutator Lathe (slot-racing)
Commem. - Commemoration / Commemorative
Comp. - Composition / Composite (material)
Compo. - Composition / Composite (material)
Com-Tab - Commutator Tab (slot racing)
Com-Vent - Commutator Vent (slot racing)
CON EX / Con-ex. - Convention Exclusive (toy status)
ConSim. - Conflict Simulation (gaming, also; Cosim.)
CO-OP - Cooperate / Co-operative (gaming)
Cosim. - Conflict Simulation (gaming, also; ConSim.)
Cosplay - Costume Play (often in conjunction with LARP'ing)
COTJ - Children of the Jedi (Star Wars novel)
Cots. - Cotswold Collectables (manufacturer)
COTYK - Court of the Young King (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
COW - (1) Conference of Wargamers (organised by WD)
COW - (2) Curved-out Wedge (type of construction toy element)
COWTRA - Concentrate on What the Rules Allow (gaming)
CP - (1) Collective Pitch (radio-control helicopter type, see also; FP)
CP - (2) Collectors Pose (My Little Pony)
CPK - Cabbage Patch Kids (soft toys)
CR - Combat Resolution (war gaming)
CRAPP - Crummy Ramp and Pit Plate (Lego specific; type of base plate)
'Crons. - Necrons (Warhammer, see also; Necs.)
CRT - Combat Results Table (war gaming, combat resolution system, see also; BOD)
C&S - Conference and Show (show type)
CSF - Classic Space Forum (Lego web pages)
CSM - Chaos Space Marine (Warhammer Chaos)
CSM / C:SM - (2) Codex, Space Marines (Games Workshop)
CSW - ConSimWorld (gaming web-site dedicated to conflict simulation)
CSSMA - The Canadian Service Station Memorabilia Association
C-Store - Convenience Store (US)
CT - Clone trooper (Star Wars)
CTF - Capture the Flag (war gaming aim)
CTM - Crystal Targeting Matrix (Warhammer Eldar, Harlequins)
CTS - Classic Toy Soldiers (figure manufacturer)
CTW - Children's Television Workshop (parent body of Sesame Street)
'Cuda. - [Plymouth] Barracuda (toy cars)
Cu/ft - Cubic Feet / Foot
Cust. - Customise /Customised (see also; CM, Mod., Modded, Mods., Rep., RR and RRH)
CUTIE - Coolest Ultra Tiny Individuals [on] Earth (Mattel toy line, see also; MUSCLE)
CV - (1) Colour variation
CV - (2) Configuration Variable (of DCC, model railways)
CV - (3) Constant Velocity (radio-control)
CVA - Constant Velocity Axle (radio-control)
CVD - Constant Velocity Drive (radio-control)
CW - (1) Clan War (gaming)
CW - (2) [The] Clone Wars (Star Wars licensed characters)
CWP - Cantering Welsh Pony (Breyer horses)
CWBS - Civil War Brigade [games] Series (Gamers board games)
Cy-Girl. - Cyber Girl (Blue Box female action-figure line)
Cyl. - Cylinder (radio-control, engines)
Cyano. - Cyanoacrylate [adhesive] ('superglue', also; CA, CAA, and CA Glue - not 'cyanoacrylite')
CYOA - Choose Your Own Adventure (gaming)
D - (1) Dahlonega [ Mint] (US coins, circa 1838-ACW)
D - (2) Denver [Mint] (US coins, current)
D - (3) Die [or] Dice
D - (4) Medal/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
D4 - Four-sided Die [or] Dice
D6- Six-sided Die [or] Dice
D8 - Eight-sided Die [or] Dice
D10 - Ten-sided Die [or] Dice
D12 - Twelve-sided Die [or] Dice
D20 - Twenty-sided Die [or] Dice
DA - (1) Dark Angels (Games Workshop)
DA - (2) Dire Avengers (Warhammer, Eldar)
DAE - Does Anyone Else . . . (question sentence follows; chat rooms, forums, message boards)
Db - Decibels (radio-control, noise levels)
DBA - (1) De Bellis Antiquitatis (war gaming rule system)
DBA - (2) Doing Business As (prefix to self-employed trading name, see also; TA)
DBM - De Bellis Multitudinis (war gaming rule system)
DBP - Deutsches Bundes Patent (Geman State Patent)
DBR - De Bellis Renationis (war gaming rule system)
DC - (1) Death Company (Games Workshop)
DC - (2) Detective Comics (publisher)
DC - (3) Direct Current (model railways, radio-control, slot racing, electrics, see also; AC and AC/DC)
DC - (4) Drone Controller (Warhammer Tau)
D/C - (1) Die-cast/ing (toy or procedure)
D/C - (2) Direct Current (model railways, radio-control, slot racing, electrics, see also; AC and AC/DC)
DCam. / D-Cam. - Deep Cameo (coins)
D-Cannon - Distortion Cannon (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
DCC - Digital Command [and] Control [system] (model railway digital controllers)
DCCW - Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon (Warhammer)
DCM - Die-cast Metal
DCMT - Die Cast Machine Tools (toy manufacturer, parent of Lone*Star brand)
DCU - Detective Comics Universe (licensed characters)
DCUC - Detective Comics Universe Classics (licensed characters)
D&D - Dungeons and Dragons (specifically; a game system by TSR, generally; a type of fantasy role-play)
DDS - Dark Dream Studio (figure manufacturer, Orion trade mark, see also; HM)
DE - (1) Dark Eldar (Warhammer)
DE - (2) Dark Elves (war gaming and role-playing)
DE - (3) Dark Empire (Star Wars comic book series, see also; DE2)
DE2 - Dark Empire Two (Star Wars follow-up comic book series, see also; DE)
Del. - Delineavit (Latin - 'He / She drew it', artworks, posters, prints)
Deldar. - Dark Eldar
DEP / Dep. - (1) Déposé (French - registered design)
DEP / Dep. - (2) Deponiert (German - registered design)
'Dex. - Codex (Warhammer)
DF - (1) Dark Forces (Star Wars video game and/or novella)
DF - (2) Devilfish (Warhammer Tau)
DFC -  Dimensions for Children (general toy and play set manufacturer)
DFR - Dark Force Rising (Star Wars novel)
DG - (1) Death Guard (Warhammer Chaos)
DG - (2) Decision Games (board games manufacturer)
DG - (3) Divine Guidance (Warhammer Inquisition)
DGC - Dave Grossman Collections (adult collectables manufacturer)
DGMSch. - Deutsche Gebrauchs Musterschutz (German - claim to a registered design)
DGN / Dgn. - Design (see also: Dsn. and Dsgn.)
DGND / Dgnd. - Designed (see also: Dsnd. and Dsgnd.)
DH - (1) Daemonhunters (Games Workshop, also referred to as the Inquisition)
DH - (2) Dark Horse Comics (graphic novel publisher)
DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung [e.V. (Eingetragener Verein)] (German - German Institute for Normalisation (Standardization) [registered association] German Industry Standard, not 'Deutsche Industrienorm' and not 'Deutsche Industrie Numer')
Dis. - Disintegrator (Warhammer Dark Eldar)Disc. - Discontinued
DIY - Do It Yourself (see also; BIY)
DJ - (1) Dark Jedi (Star Wars)
DJ - (2) Dark Journey (Star Wars novel)
DJ - (3) DeathJester, (Warhammer Harlequins)
DL - (1) Dark Lance (Warhammer Dark Eldar)
DL - (2) Deathleaper (Warhammer Tyranids)
DLX - Deluxe
DM - (1) Danbury Mint (modern or adult collectable manufacturer)
DM - (2) Darth Maul (Star Wars character)
DM - (3) Dugeon Master (war gaming and role-playing)
DML - Dragon Models Limited (manufacturer)
DMSH - Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter (Star Wars novel)
DMSS - Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (radio control, 2.4 GHz radio system, see also; FHSS)
DMU - Diesel Multiple Unit (model railways)
DN - Dark Nest (Star Wars novel trilogy)
D'n'P - Dance and Prance (My Little Pony type)
D'n'W - Drink and Wet (My Little Pony type)
DOB / DoB - (1) Date of Birth (online and internet forms)
DOB / DoB - (2) Defenders of Bulletman (Hasbro G.I. Joe toy line)
DNFTT - Do Not Feed the Troll (online, internet and forums)
'Dog. - Underdog (gaming)
DOH / DoH- Dukes of Hazard (licensed characters)
DoM - Doom of Malan'tai (Warhammer Tyranids)
Doms. - Dominions (Warhammer Inquisition)
DOTD - Destiny of the Daleks (Dr. Who TV series)
DOTF - Duel of the Fates (Star Wars Episode I, lightsabre duel song)
DoW - (1) Dawn of War (Warhammer)
DoW - (2) Dogs of War (mercenaries)
DP - (1) Daemon Prince (Games Workshop)
DP - (2) Drop Pod (Games Workshop)
DPDT (CO) - Double Pole - Double Throw, Centre-Off [position switch] (model railways)
DPDT Switch. - Double Pole - Double Throw Switch (model railways)
DPM - (1) Design Preservation Models (model railway scenic manufacturer)
DPM - (2) Disruptive-patten Material (camouflage cloth)
DPR - Digital Plug Ready (slot racing, Scalextric swappable plug-in system)
DR - (1) Dark Reapers (Warhammer Eldar, Harlequins)
DR - (2) Deff [or; Deth] Rolla (Warhammer Orks)
D/R - Duel Rates (radio-control)
'Dragons - Fire Dragons (Warhammer)
Dread. - Dreadnought (Games Workshop or vessel)
Dredd - Judge Dredd (licensed character)
DRGM - Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster (German - registered design - indicates a unique feature, a little patent, 'in-use model')
DRM - Die [or] Dice Roll Modifier
DRMR - Deutsches Reich Muster Rolle (German -state protected patent)
DRP - Deutsches Reichspatent (German; State patent)
DRPA - Deutesches Reich zum Patent Angemeldet (German - state patent applied for)
DS - (1) Death Star (Star Wars, see also DS1 and DS2)
DS - (2) Darksabre (Star Wars novel)
DS - (3) Dark Side (Star Wars, see also LS)
DS - (4) Disintegrator (Warhammer Dark Eldar)
DS - (5) Display Side (My Little Pony)
DS - (6) Dynamic Soaring (radio controlled aircraft launch style)
DS1 - Death Star One (Star Wars, from episode IV; ANH)
DS2 - Death Star Two (Star Wars, from episode VI; ROTJ)
DS9 - Deep Space Nine (Star Trek space station and TV series, also ST:DS9)
DSC - Direct Servo Control (radio-control)
DSGN / Dsgn. - Design (see also: Dgn. and Dsn.)
DSGND / Dsgnd. - Designed (see also: Dgnd. and Dsnd.)
DSN / Dsn. - Design (see also: Dgn. and Dsgn.)
DSND / Dsnd. - Designed (see also: Dgnd. and Dsgnd.)
DSM - Digital Spectrum Modulation (radio-control, Spectrum trademark, see also DSM2 and DSMX)
DSM2 - Digital Spectrum Modulation, Second [version] (radio-control, Spectrum trademark, see also DSM and DSMX)
DSMX - Digital Spectrum Modulation Extra (radio-control, Spectrum trademark, see also DSM and DSM2)
DSS - Dreaded Sticker-Sheet (construction toys)
DT - (1) Dark Tide [series] (Star Wars novels)
DT - (2) Drop Troops (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
DTD - Dollar Tree Distribution (US convenience store network)
DTS - Direct to Swash [board] (radio-controlled helicopters)
Dub-con. - Dubiously Consensual (sexual activity in fan fiction, see also; Non-con.)
DV - (1) Dark Vengeance (Games Workshop, starter set)
DV - (2) Darth Vader (Star Wars character)
DVD - Digital Video Disc (computing, electronic gaming equipment, playback only)
DVD-R - Digital Video Disc - Recordable [onto] (computing, electronic gaming equipment, and playback only)
DVD-RW - Digital Video Disc- Re-Writeable (computing, electronic gaming equipment, record, re-record and playback)
DW - (1) Deathwing (Games Workshop)
DW - (2) Destiny's Way (Star Wars novel)
DW - (3) Doctor Who (TV series and films)
DX - Deluxe (Japanese abbreviation of the English word)
DYT - Dah Yang Toys (manufacturer)
E - Excellent (condition)
EA - Épreuve d'Artist (French - Artists Proof, books, posters, prints, see also; AP, HC, PP and TP)
EC - (1) Emperor's Champion (Warhammer Space Marines)
EC - (2) Emperor's Children (Warhammer Chaos Legion)
eCCPM - Electronic Cyclic / Collective Pitch Mixing (radio-control, commonly; CCPM)
ECF - English Chess Federation (2005, previously BCF)
ECW - English Civil War
ECI - Enamelled Cast Iron (material)
ECO - Encyclopaedia [of] Chess Openings
EDF - Electric Ducted Fan (radio-control)
EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining (also called 'wire-cut EDM' or 'spark-EDM')
EDS - Exarch Delivery-System (Warhammer Eldar, Harlequins)
EF - Extra / Extremely Fine (condition, coins)
EFS - Eastern Front Series (of GMT games)
EGPM - Essential Guide [to] Planets [and] Moons (Star Wars publication)
EGVV - Essential Guide [to] Vehicles [and] Vessels (Star Wars publication)
EGWT - Essential Guide [to] Weapons [and] Technology (Star Wars publication)
Ele. / Elev. - Elevator/s (flying models)
ELI5 - Explain [it] Like I'm Five [years old] (chat rooms, forums, message boards; 'elicit')
E-Mag. / eMag. - Electronic Magazine (online 'magazine' or bulletin-board, see also I-Mag.)
e-Mail - Electronic Mail (Internet, forums, computing)
EMF - Electro-Magnetic Force (model railways, slot racing)
EM Gauge - Eighteen-millimeter Gauge (model railways, actually 18.2mm!)
EML - Eldar Missile Launcher (Warhammer Eldar)
EMU - Electrical Multiple Unit (model railways)
ENC - Emperor's New Clothes (modelling, dioramists)
EOM - End of Message (Internet, forums, computing)
EOV - Edge of Victory (Star Wars novels)
EP - Electric Power (model railways, radio-control, slot racing etc...)
EP1 - [Star Wars] Episode One (licensed characters)
EPA - End Point Adjustment (radio-controlled servo feature, see also ATV and ATV/EPA)
EPO - Expanded Polyolefin (polymer foam)
EPNS - Electro-plated Nickel Silver (metal, 'Silver Plate')
EPP - Expanded Polypropylene (polymer foam)
EPS - (1) Electro-plated Silver (metal, 'Silver Plate')
EPS - (2) Expanded Polystyrene (polymer foam)
ESB - [The] Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars, episode V, licensed characters, see also TESB)
ESC - Electronic Speed Control/ler (radio-control)
ESV - Expanded Scale Voltmeter (radio-control)
EPD - Extended Position Description (chess notation)
ET - Elapsed Time (slot-racing)
ETD - End [of] Train Device (model railways, US, replacing cabooses)
ETO - European Theater of Operations (WWII)
ETS - Everything Toy Soldier (page on the HäT website)
EU - Expanded Universe (Star Wars)
EUC - Excellent Used Condition (condition)
Euro. - European (general, currency, My Little Pony)
EW - Eyewhite (Breyer horses)
Ex. - (1) Excellent (condition)
EX - (2) Exclusive (toy status)
Exp. - (1) Explosion / Explosive
EXP / Expo. - (2) Exponential (radio-control, transmitter setting)
EXP / Expo. - (3) Exposition (show type)
EZOC - Enemy Zone of Control (war gaming)
F - (1) Fair (condition)
F - (2) Fine (condition, coins)
F - (3) Flat/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
F1 / F-1 - Formula One (die-cast and slot racing, previously Grand Prix racing)
FA - (1) Fast Attack (Warhammer)
FA - (2) For Auction (sales status)
FA - (3) Fanny Adams / Fuck-all (slang; Internet, forums, online)
F.A.B. - (1) Fabulous (Thunderbirds radio call sign, original meaning; 'Roger' or 'OK',)
F.A.B. - (2) Fully Advised [and] Briefed (Thunderbirds radio call sign, revised meaning)
FAF - Family Arabian Foal (Breyer horses)
FAM - Family Arabian Mare (Breyer horses)
Fandom -  Fanatic's Domain
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (Internet, forums, online)
FAS - Family Arabian Stallion (Breyer horses)
FASST - Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology (radio control, Futaba trademark)
FB / Fb. - (1) Facebook (social network)
FB - (2) [Warhammer] Fantasy Battles (Games Workshop, see also; WFB, WH and WHFB)
FB - (3) Flesh Borer (Warhammer Tyranids)
FB - (4) Fusion Blaster (Warhammer Tau)
FBL - Full Bell Lines (condition, US Dollar coins)
FBTB - From Bricks to Bothans (Star Wars specific construction toy website)
FBXL5 - Fireball XL-5 (licensed characters)
FC - Full Command (war gaming, Warhammer)
FCC - Federal Communications Commission (radio-control, controls radio width-bands in the US)
FEB - Fat-eared Bunny (Pez collecting)
FEN - Forsyth–Edwards Notation (chess)
FEP - Final Engineering Pilot (die-cast toys, first production-run, may or may not be packed and retailed)
FF - (1) Fan Fiction
FF - (2) Fan Film
FF - (3) Fantastic Four (licensed characters)
FF - (4) Flat Foot (My Little Pony)
F2F - Face-to-Face (gaming, both players 'in the room')
FFF - Fast Forward Flight (radio-controlled aircraft)
FGT - (1) Fredrick G. Taylor (farm and zoo figure manufacture, see also B&S and T&B)
FGT - (2) For Good Toys (FG Taylor's slogan)
FH - (1) Force Heretic (Star Wars novel series)
FH - (2) Full Head (condition, US Quarter coins)
FHSS - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (radio-control, 2.4 GHz radio system, see also; DMSS)
FIA - Fédération Aéronautique International (French - International Aeronautical federation, radio-control)
FIDE - Fédération Internationale des Échecs (French - the World Chess Federation)
Fig. - Figure
FiM - Friendship is Magic (My Little Pony TV cartoon series)
'Fist - Power Fist (Warhammer)
F & K - F&K - Frag and Krak [grenades] (Warhammer Space-Marines)
Flat - (1) Flat-car / Flat-wagon (model railways)
Flat - (2) Flat [Figure] (toy soldiers)
Flat - (3) Flat [Track] (slot racing)
FLGM - (1) Friendly Local Game Store (gaming, newer definition)
FLGM - (2) Full Line Game Store (gaming, older definition)
FLGS - Favourite / Friendly Local / Little Games Shop [UK] / Store [US]
FLHS - Favourite / Friendly Local / Little Hobby Store
FLMS - Favourite / Friendly Local / Little Model Shop
FM - (1) FIDE (q.v.) Master (chess)
FM - (2) Franklin Mint (modern or adult collectable manufacturer)
FM - (3) Frequency Modulation (radio-control, also; PPM)
FNP - Feel / Feels No Pain (gaming)
FOC / FoC - (1) Fleet of Claw (Warhammer, movement, see also FoF)
FOC - (2) Force Organization Chart (gaming)
FOD - Foreign Object Damage (model railways, radio-control, slot racing etc...)
FOF / FoF - (1) Fish of Fury (Warhammer Tau)
FOF / FoF - (2) Fleet of Foot/Claw (Warhammer, movement, see also; FoC)
FoF - (3) Follow-on Force (military)
FOTJ - Fate of the Jedi (Star Wars novel series)
FoW - (1) Flames of War (WWII war game)
FoW - (2) Fog of War (gaming)
FP - (1) Factory Paint [finish] (see also OF / OFF)
FP - (2) Fancy Pants (My Little Pony)
FP - (3) Fixed Pitch (radio-control helicopter type, see also; CP)
FPS - First-person Shooter (video gaming)
FPV - First Person View (radio-control, camera-fed flight-navigation)
Fr. - French (origin)
Frag. - Fragging / Fragmentation [grenade] (gaming, war gaming)
FRED - Flashing Rear End Device (model railways, replacing cabooses, US)
FRFSRF - Fire Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire (gaming)
FROG / Frog - Flies Right Off [the] Ground (Triang-Mettoy brand / manufacturer)
FS - (1) Factory Sealed (condition)
FS - (2) Fail Safe (model railways, radio-control, slot racing etc...)
FS - (3) Federal Standards (US Standardisation body, specifically of interest for hobbyists; FS595 - colours)
FS - (4) Fighting Stallion (Breyer horses)
FS - (5) Force Sensitive (Star Wars, someone able to feel the Force)
FS - (6) For Sale (sales status)
FS - (7) Foundation Stallion (Breyer horses)
FS - (8) Full Screen (movie)
FS - (9) Full Steps (condition, US nickel coins)
FSB - Full Split Bands (condition, US silver dime coins)
FSF - Fashion Star Filly (range of plastic horses by Kenner)
FSOT - For Sale or Trade (sales status)
FT - (1) First Tooth (My Little Pony baby pony)
FT - (2) For Trade (sales status)
FT/TT - For Trade/To Trade (sales status)
FTB - First Time Buyer (online auctions)
FTW - For the Win (war gaming, Internet, forums, online)
FUBAR - Fucked-up Beyond All Recognition (slang; Internet, forums, online)
FW - (1) Firewarrior / Fire Warriors (Warhammer Tau)
FW - (2) Forge World (Games Workshop licensed aftermarket manufacturer)
F/W - Free Wheeling / Wheels (non-powered wheels, free to revolve)
FWD - Front-wheel/ed Drive / Front Wheels Driven
FWIW - For What it's Worth (statement sentence follows; chat rooms, forums, message boards)
FYI - For Your Information (statement sentence follows; chat rooms, forums, message boards)
G - (1) Good (condition)
G - (2) Generation (with numerical suffix; G1, G2 &etc.)
GAP - Game Assistance Program (computing, war gaming)
Gasser. - Gasoline [engined] Runner (radio-control, US)
GB - (1) Galactic Binder (Star Wars website)
GB - (2) Great Britain
GB - (3) Group Buy
GB - (4) Guderian's BlitzKrieg (board game)
GB II - Guderian's BlitzKrieg [version] Two (board game)
GBACW - Great Battles [of the] American Civil War (GMT game series)
GBH / GBoH - Great Battles of History (GMT game series, see also SGBoH)
GCACW - Great Campaigns of the Civil War (Avalon Hill games series)
GCS - Galaxy Class Starship (Star Trek)
GDW - Games Designers Workshop (board games manufacturer)
Gen-Fic - General Fiction (fan fiction type/genre)
GEQ / GEq. - Guard Equivalent (Games Workshop)
Ger. - German (origin)
Ges, Gesch. - Gesetzlich Geschützt (German - registered design)
GFFA - Galaxy Far, Far Away (Star Wars, galaxy as a whole)
GFY - Go Fuck Yourself (slang; Internet, forums, online)
GFU - Grognards; Fuck You / Yourselves (slang; Internet, forums, online)
GG - (1) GeekGold (BoardGameGeek specific abbreviation)
GG - (2) General Grievous (Star Wars character)
GG - (3) Good Game (gaming, internet)
GH - Great Harlequin (Warhammer Harlequins)
GHG / GH-Grip. - Gung-Ho Grip (G.I. Joe action-figure hand type)
GHz - Gigahertz (radio-control)
Gilt - Guilded (electroplated or coated/burnished with a layer of gold leaf)
GK - (1) Grail Knights (Warhammer and others)
GK - (2) Grey Knights (Warhammer Inquisition)
GKGM - Grey Knight Grandmaster (Warhammer Inquisition)
GL - (1) George Lucas (movie director)
GL - (2) Grenade Launcher (war gaming)
GM - (1) Game/s Master / Moderator (war gaming)
GM - (2) Geschmackmuster (German; protected patent)
GM - (3) Grand [chess] Master (replaced IGM)
gm. - Gram (weight)
GMS - Gebrauchs Muster Schutz (German - protected patent)
GMT / GMT Games - (Gene [Billingsley], Mike [Crane and] Terry [Shrum]/'s Games [Company] (manufacturer)
Golliwogg/s - Ghul/s Working on Government Service (led to; 'Wogs', a now extremely derogatory nickname for Egyptian natives employed on British government service in the 1800's, which then gained wider use as a general racist/racially-derived slur word)
Golly / Gollie - See; Golliwogg/s
GOF - Galaxy of Fear (Star Wars junior novel series)
GoS - Goblet of Spite (Warhammer Dark Eldar)
GotW - Geek of the Week (BoardGameGeek specific abbreviation)
GP - Grand Prix (French - Great/Top Prize, slot racing, representation of the high-performance races)
GR - Grail Reliquae (Warhammer)
GR - Grot Riggers (Warhammer Orks)
Grot. - Grotesque (Warhammer Dark Eldar)
GS - (1) General Service
GS - (2) Genestealer (Games Workshop)
G-Store - Gasoline [company controlled convenience] Store (US)
GT - (1) Grand Tournament (gaming)
GT - (2) Gran Turismo (Italian - Grand Tourer, slot racing, representation of the endurance race series)
GT 1 - Grand Tourer Class One (slot racing, endurance race classification)
GT 2 - Grand Tourer Class Two (slot racing, endurance race classification)
GT 3 - Grand Tourer Class Three (slot racing, endurance race classification)
GTJ - Go to Jail (Monopoly)
GU - Gently Used (condition, some wear)
GUO - Great Unclean One (Warhammer Chaos deamon)
GUID - Globally Unique Identifier (radio-control, transmitter's own identity)
GUR - Graphical User Representation (computing, geek's avatar)
GW - (1) Games Workshop (manufacturer, parent of Citadel Miniatures)
GW - (2) Gently Worn (condition, significant wear)
GW - (3) Great Weapon (Warhammer)
GWR - Great Western Railway
Gyro. - Gyroscope / Gyroscopic (radio-controlled helicopters, steam-punk)
H2H - Hand-to-Hand [combat] (war gaming, see also HTH)
H2O - [A water tanker] (model railways, US)
Haemie. - Haemonculus (Warhammer Dark Eldar)
HAND - Have a Nice Day (Internet, forums, online)
HAS / Has. / Hasb. - Hassenfeldt Brothers (commonly; Hasbro. manufacturer)
Hasbro. - Hassenfeldt Brothers (manufacturer, also; HAS or Hasb.)
HB - Heavy Bolter (Warhammer)
HC - (1) Hard Contact (Star Wars novel)
HC - (2) Hard Cover (book)
HC - (3) Hors d'Commerce (salesman's/dealers proof, books, posters, prints, see also; AP, EA, PP and TP)
H/C - Hurt-Comfort (fan fiction type)
HCM - High Complete Models (toy line)
HD - Heavy Duty (craft-knife blade, electrical wiring, radio-control battery etc...)
HE - High Elves (war gaming and role-playing)
HE - Holgar Erikson (base marking on metal figures)
HEX / Hex. - Hexagon / Hexagonal Box (gaming)
HF - (1) Heavy Flamer (Warhammer Space-Marines)
HF - (2) Holo Field (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
HG - Hive Guard (Warhammer Tyranids)
HGE - Heavy Gold Electroplate (material)
HGL - H Grossmann Limited (UK importer of rack toys)
HH - (1) Hammerhead (Warhammer Tyranids, although also a craft in the Star Wars 'expanded universe')
HH - Hands High (Breyer horses)
HH - (2) Happy Holidays (Christmas Barbie)
HH - (3) Heading Hold [servo] (radio-controlled helicopters, also; AVCS, see also; Non-HH)
HI - Honorifica Imperialus  (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
Hilco / Hill / Hill & Co. - [John] Hill and Company (hollow-cast and plastics manufacturer, see also; Johillco)
HIM - Honorifica Imperialus Mundanus (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
Hippo. - Hippogryp (Warhammer)
HIS - Here I Stand (board game)
HK - Hong Kong (company or product origin)
HLG - Hand Launched Glider (radio-control and non-powered flying models)
HM - Huron Miniatures (figure manufacturer, Orion trade mark, see also; DDS)
HMGS - Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (organisation)
HO - Half O-gauge (scale/size/ratio)
HoC - Hordes of Chaos (Warhammer)
HOF - Hall of Fame (Hasbro G.I. Joe toy line)
Holo's. / Holofields - Holograph Fields (Warhammer)
HOPRA - HO [gauge] Professional Racing Association (slot racing)
HORN - HO [gauge] Racing News (slot racing newsletter)
'Horn. - Servo-horn (radio-controlled helicopters)
HotE - Hand of the Emperor (Warhammer Inquisition)
HOTT - Hordes of the Things (free gaming system)
HP - (1) Hans Postler (German - rack-toy importer)
HP - (2) Hard Plastic (polymer material, various plastics have this moniker dependant on hobby)
HP - (3) Hit Points (war gaming, card games &etc)
HP - (4) HobbyPlast (Spanish - sobre manufacturer, Montaplex trademark)
HR - Homemade Ribbon/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
HS - (1) Han Solo (Star Wars character)
HS - (2) Heavy support (Warhammer)
HS - (3) High School (fan fiction type)
HS - (4) Hyperspace (sci-fi gaming and Star Wars fan club)
HSO -Heroic Senior Officer (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
HT - Hive Tyrant (Warhammer Tyranids)
HTF - Hard to Find (toy status)
HTH / HtH - Hand-to-Hand [combat] (war gaming)
HTTE - Heir To The Empire (Star Wars novel)
HV - High Voltage [electricity] (model railways, radio-control, slot racing etc...)
HVC - Heavy Venom Cannon (Warhammer Tyranids)
HW - Hardwired (Warhammer Tau)
Hz - Hertz (radio-control)
=I= - Inquisition (Warhammer, see also; =][=)
IA - Index Astartes (Warhammer, Games Workshop compilation of Space Marine articles)
IATTAR - Interplanetary Association [of] Tracked [and] Thrust Assisted Racing [vehicles] (Lego)
IC - (1) Independent Character (Games Workshop, usually an HQ figure)
IC - (2) Integrated Circuit ('chips' in toys)
IC - (3) Internal Combustion [engine] (radio-control, as opposed to EP)
IC - (4) Imperial Character (Warhammer)
IC - (5) In Character (role-playing, costume play, fan fiction)
ICCA - International Correspondence Chess Association (replaced by ICCF in 1991)
ICCF - International Correspondence Chess Federation (1951, replaced the ICCA)
LCL - Less [that a] Car Load (model railways, US)
ICS - (1) Incredible Cross Sections (Star Wars book series)
ICS - (2) Internet Chess Server
ID - Iron Discipline (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
IDK - I Don't Know (Internet, forums, online)
IFFS - International Flat Figure Society (see also; BFFS)
IG - Imperial Guard (Warhammer (not so much Napoleonic), see also; Imp. Gd.)
LGB - Lehmann Gross Bahn (model train manufacturer)
IGM - International Grand [chess] Master (now just Grand Master - GM)
IGO/UGO - I Go [then] You Go (gaming, simplest form of play sequence - 'turn-based' play)
IH - (1) Iron Halo (Warhammer Space-Marines)
IH - (2) Iron Hands (Warhammer Space-Marines)
IHC - International Hobby Corporation (model railroad and kit manufacturer, previously AHM)
IIRC - If I Recall / Remember Correctly (Internet, forums, online)
IJ - I, Jedi (Star Wars novel)
ILM - Industrial Light [and] Magic (movie special effects company)
IM - International [chess] Master (step below IGM / GM)
I-Mag. / iMag. - Internet Magazine (online 'magazine' or bulletin-board, see also; E-Mag.)
IMC - Injection Moulding Code
IMCA - International Model Car Association
IMFAR - International Federation [of] Model Auto Racing
IMHO - In My Honest / Humble Opinion (Internet, forums, online)
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion (Internet, forums, online)
IMO - In My Opinion (Internet, forums, online)
Imp. - Imperial (...Germany, ...Guard, ...Measurement, ...Rome &etc)
Imp. Gd. - Imperial Guard (war gaming, Napoleonic, see also; IG)
IND ARGE - Industria Argentina (Hispanic - Made in Argentina)
IND BRAS - Industria Brasilia (Hispanic - Made in Brazil)
INGAP - Industria Nazionale Giocattoli Automatica Padova (Italian - toy manufacturer)
INS - Insiders (Micro Machines)
Instr. - Instructions
IoCG - Icon of Chaos Glory (Warhammer)
IoK - Icon of Khorne (Warhammer)
IoN - Icon of Nurgle (Warhammer)
IoS - Icon of Slaanesh (Warhammer)
IoT - Icon of Tzeentch (Warhammer)
IP - Intellectual Property
IPA - Isopropyl Alcohol (solvent)
IPCA - International Petroliana Collectors' Association (collectables)
IPMS - International Plastic Modellers' Society (modelling)
IPMS-UK - International Plastic Modellers' Society, United Kingdom [branch] (modelling)
IQP - Isolated Queen Pawn (chess - the d-file pawn if not covered by an adjacent pawn of the same colour)
IR - (1) Infra-Red (modelling, photography, Radio-control, war gaming)
IR - (2) In Register (modelling, transfers)
IRC - (1) Infra-Red Control (modelling, photography, Radio-control, war gaming)
IRC - (2) Internet Relay Chat (Internet, pre-web 'chat-rooms')
IRL - In Real Life ((1) [away from] internet, forums, online and (2) face-to-face gaming)
ISD - Imperial Star Destroyer (Star Wars spaceship)
ISD1 - Imperial Star Destroyer [Imperator-class] I (Star Wars)
ISD2 - Imperial Star Destroyer [Imperator-class] II (Star Wars)
Iso. Chassis - Isometric Chassis (slot racing)
ISTM - It Seems To Me (Internet, forums, online)
IW - Iron Warriors, (Warhammer, Chaos Marines)
IWF - International Wargames Federation
J90 - Joe 90 (licensed character)
JA - (1) Jedi Academy (Star Wars)
JA - (2) Jedi Apprentice (Star Wars junior novel series)
JANFU - Joint Army-Navy Fuck-Up (war gaming; from the military)
JASE - Just Another Soulless Eurogame (gaming)
JCB - Jointed Composition Body (doll)
JEP - Jouets [de] Paris (French toy manufacturer)
JK - (1) Jedi Knight (Star Wars)
JK - (2) Jerry Kulich [products] (slot racing manufacturer)
JFDI - Just Fucking Do It (derogatory / slang; internet, forums, online)
JK - Just Kidding / Joking (internet, forums, online)
JL - Justice League (DC Comics, see also; JLA and JLU)
JLA - Justice League [of] America (DC Comics, see also; JL and JLU)
J&LR - J and L Randall (model railway scenics manufacturer, Merit was the brand now part of PPP)
JLU - Justice League Unlimited (DC Comics), see also; JL and JLA)
JMO - Just My Opinion (internet, forums, online)
JMN - Joyless Modelling Nazis (derogatory / slang; internet, forums, online, or; 'Rivet Counters')
JO - Junior Officer (Warhammer)
JOE - [G.I.] Joe (licensed characters, Action Man in the UK, Gyperman in parts of Europe)
Joe. - [G.I.] Joe [collector] (or; 'Joe-head')
Johillco - John Hill [and] Company (hollow-cast and plastics manufacturer, see also; Hilco / Hill / Hill & Co.)
Jouef - [Le] Jouets Francais (French - toy manufacturer; 'The toys [of] France')
Joustra - Jouets [de] Strasbourg (French - toy manufacturer; 'Toys of Strasburg')
JP / Jp. - (1) Japanese (origin)
JP - (2) Jigsaw Puzzle
JP - (3) Jump Pack (Warhammer Space-Marines)
JP - (4) Jurrassic Park
JQ - Jedi Quest (Star Wars junior novel series)
JR21 - Jack Rosenthal's Twenty-first [centaury] (UK importer, parent company of C21)
JSJ - Jump Shoot Jump (war gaming play order)
JSYK - Just So You Know . . . (statement sentence follows; chat rooms, forums, message boards)
K - (1) Kilo...
K - (2) King (chess notation)
KABOB - Kid [with] a Bucket of Bricks (construction toys)
Kanz. - Killa Kans (Warhammer Orks)
KB - King Bishop (chess, bishop on the king's side)
KBP - King Bishop Pawn (chess, bishop's pawn on the king's side)
KDN - Kovodruczsvo Náchod (Czechoslovakian - tin-plate manufacturer, now; Czech Republic)
KDY - Kuat Drive Yards (Star Wars)
KE - Knights Errant (Warhammer Bretonnia)
KEN / Ken. - Kenner (manufacturer)
KFF - Kustom Force Field (Warhammer Orks)
KFG / KF-Grip. - Kung-Fu Grip (G.I. Joe action-figure hand type)
KFOL - Kid Fan of Lego (construction toys)
KGA - [The] King's Gambit Accepted (chess opening)
KGD - [The] King's Gambit Declined (chess opening)
KGOY - Kids Grow Older Younger (see also; AGYL)
KHW - Kriegshilfswerk (German - War Aid Work; war-bond tokens)
KIA - [The] King's Indian Attack (chess opening)
Kidult - Kid-like Adult
Kibri - Kindler [und] Briel (German - railway accessory manufacturer)
KID - [The] King's Indian Defence (chess opening)
KJA - Kevin J. Anderson (Star Wars author)
KK - King Kong (licensed character)
KMB - Kustom Mega Blaster (Warhammer Orks)
KN - King Knight (chess, knight on the king's side)
KNP - King Knight Pawn (chess, knight's pawn on the king's side)
Koho - Koch [und] Hofmockel (German - toy manufacturer)
'Koptas. - Deffkoptas (Warhammer Orks)
KoS - Keeper of Secrets (Warhammer Chaos)
KOTOR - Knights of the Old Republic (Star Wars video game)
KotR - Knights of the Realm (Warhammer Bretonnia)
KP -  King Pawn (chess, pawn in front of the king)
KR -  King Rook (chess, rook/castle on the king's side)
KPT - Kenner Parker Toys (merged manufacturers)
KRP -  King Rook Pawn (chess, rook/castle's pawn on the king's side)
Kt / Kt. - Knight (chess - older notation - now N, medieval war gaming)
kV - Kilovolt (radio-control)
LA - LucasArts (Star Wars movie-related video game manufacturer)
LAAM - Latin American [toy] Market (see also; ROW and US)
LAML - Lego and More Lego (Lego)
LARP - Live Action Role Playing (gaming)
LatD - Lost and the Damned (Warhammer)
Lbs. - Pounds (weight)
LC - (1) Lane Changer (slot racing, digital specific track feature)
LC - (2) Laser Cannon (sci-fi and fantasy gaming)
LC - (3) Lascannon (Warhammer)
LCCA - Lionel Collectors Club [of] America (model railways)
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display (railways, modelling and general toys)
LCG - Living Card Game (gaming)
LCL - Less [than a] Car Load (model railways, US)
L/D - Lift [divided by] Drag (radio-controlled aircraft)
LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene (plastic polymer)
LE - (1) Leading Edge (flying models)
LE - (2) Limited Edition (see also; LR and SE)
LED - Light Emitting Diode (railways, modelling, slot racing and general toys)
LF - Lucasfilm (movie company, also; LF)
LFL - Lucasfilm Limited (movie company, also; LF)
LG - (1) Landing Gear (model aircraft)
LG - (2) Lasgun (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
LG - (3) Lonesome Glory (Breyer horses)
L Gauge - Lego Gauge (Lego railways)
LGT / LGTI - Lewis Galoob Toys / Lewis Galoob Toys Incorporated (manufacturer)
LHS - Local Hobby Store (modelling, war gaming, US for LMS)
LI - Light Infantry (war gaming, Warhammer, from the military)
LIB - Loose in Box (condition)
LIC - Loose in Carton (condition)
LiFe - Lithium Phosphate [battery / cell] (radio-control)
LiIon / Li-Ion - Lithium Ion [battery] (radio-control)
LiPo - Lithium Polymer [battery] (radio-control)
'Lith - Monolith (Warhammer Necrons)
Litho. - Lithograph / Lithographed / Lithography
LL - Life Like (model train and kit manufacturer/re-brander)
LM - (1) Le Mans (slot racing, replication of 24hr race)
LM - (2) Lizard Men (gaming)
LMP - Le Mans Prototype (slot racing, models representing cars run in Le Mans 24hrs)
LMS - (1) Local Model Shop (modelling, war gaming)
LMS - (2) London, Midland [and] Scottish [Railway]
LNER - London [and] North Eastern Railway
LO - Librarium Online (Games Workshop; Warhammer website)
LOB - Legends of Batman (licensed characters)
LOC / LoC - Lords of Chaos (Warhammer)
LoD / LotD - Legion of the Damned (Warhammer)
LOF - Line of Fire (war gaming)
Logo. - (Originally short for ;) Logotype (now can have a separate meaning in its own right, see 'Marks' pages)
LOL - (1) Laughing Out Loud (Internet, forums, online)
LOL - (1) Lots Of Laughs (Internet, forums, online)
LOS / LoS - (1) Line of Sight (war gaming, see also TLOS)
LOS / LoS - (2) Line of Supply (war gaming)
LOTDK - Legends of the Dark Knight (Batman licensed characters)
LotE - Light of the Emperor (Warhammer Inquisition)
LOTF - Legacy of the Force (Star Wars novel series)
LOTJ - (1) Last of the Jedi (Star Wars junior novel series)
LOTJ - (2) Legacy of the Jedi (Star Wars junior novel)
LOTR - [The] Lord of the Rings (licensed characters)
LP - (1) Lady Phase (Breyer horses)
LP - (2) Lucky Products (Hong Kong plastics producer)
LPD - Licensed Patch Doctor (Cabbage Patch Kids)
LPN - Licensed Patch Nurse (Cabbage Patch Kids)
LR - (1) Land Raider (Warhammer Space-Marine vehicle, see also; LRC)
LR - (2) Leman Russ (Warhammer)
LR - (3) Limited Run (see also; LE and SE)
LRC - Land Raider Crusader (Warhammer Space-Marine variant of and see; LR)
LRG - Little Rubber Guys (figure type)
LRMBT - Leman Russ Main Battle Tank (Warhammer, Imperial Guard)
LRR - Land Raider Redeemer (Warhammer)
LS - (1) Land Speeder (Star Wars, Warhammer)
LS - (2) Lightsabre (Star Wars)
LS - (3) Light Side [of the force] (Star Wars, see also DS)
LS - (4) Luke Skywalker (Star Wars character)
LSQ - Live show quality (Breyer horses)
LUG - Lego User Group (construction toys, as; SIG)
LURP - Little Ugly Rock Piece (Lego element, see also; BURP, MURP and SURP)
LVC - Low-Voltage Cut-off (radio-control)
Lvl. - Level (war gaming)
LWC - (1) Loose [product] with Card (condition)
LZ - Luigi Zàini (chocolate capsule toy producer)
M - (1) Mega...
M - (2) Mint [product] (condition, see also; MS)
M - (3) Model/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
m - Milli...
MA - Movement Allowance (gaming)
M@A - Men at Arms (of the medieval era or the Osprey books - also; MAA)
MAA - Men at Arms (military book series published by Osprey)
MAAC - Model Aircraft Association [of] Canada
MAF - Make a Face (Pez container type)
Mag. - (1) Magazine (of the printed-paper, on-line (e-Mag / i-Mag) or bullet-filled type)
Mag. - (2) Magnet (general, motors) / [Traction] Magnet (slot racing, downforce producers)
mAH - Milliamp Hour (radio-control, battery capacity)
MAM - Modern [day] Action Man (Hasbro; 1991-present, see also; VAM)
MAN / MANz. - Mega Armoured Nob / Nobz [Nobs] (Warhammer)
Manurba - Manfred Urban (general toy manufacturer)
MAS - Multiple Aspect Signalling (model railways, US)
MAWB - Mega Armoured Warboss (Warhammer)
MAT / Matty - Mattel (manufacturer) (licensed characters)
MAZAC / Mazac - Morris Ashby Zinc-Aluminium-Copper [alloy] (UK licensed ZAMAK product, now called Zamac universally, die-casting alloy material)
MB - (1) Matchbox (die-cast, figure and kit manufacturer)
MB - (2) Milton Bradley (board game manufacturer)
MB - (3) Mint [product], Bagged / Blistered / Boxed (condition)
MB Games - Milton Bradley Games (board game manufacturer)
M'Box. - Matchbox (die-cast, figure and kit manufacturer)
MBSO - Motorbreak Second Open (model railways, US, in UK; Break-second)
MBT - Main Battle Tank (war gaming - from the military)
MBX - Matchbox(die-cast, figure and kit manufacturer)
MC - (1) Mint [product] Complete (but out of original packaging, condition)
MC - (1) Mint [product] Carded (condition)
MC - (2) Monstrous Creature (gaming)
mCCPM - Mechanical Cyclic / Collective Pitch Mixing (radio-control, incorrect, commonly; CCPM, occasionally; eCCPM)
MCO - Modern Chess Openings (publication)
MCW - Master-Crafted Weapon (Warhammer)
MDF - Medium Density Fibre-board
ME - Masterpiece (GI Joe toy series)
MEG - Morrison Entertainment Group (promotional figure company)
Melta. - Meltagun /  Multi-Melta (Warhammer)
MEQ / MEq. - Marine Equivalent [armies] (Warhammer)
MG - Meltagun (Warhammer)
MGR - Merry-Go-Round (My Little Pony model type, railway goods-train type serving power stations from coal mines)
MHS - Model Horse Show (toy animal collecting)
MHz - Megahertz (radio-control)
MIB - (1) Men in Black (licensed characters)
MIB - (2) Mint in [original] Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MIC - Mint [product] in Carton / Cellophane (condition)
MilSim. - Military Simulation [game] (video gaming)
MIMB - Mint [product] in Mint Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MIMP - Mint [product] in Mint Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
MIP - Mint [product] in Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
MIS - Mint [product] in Shrink-wrap (condition)   
MISB - Mint [product] in Sealed [original] Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MISMB - Mint [product] in Sealed Mint [original] Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MISMP - Mint [product] in Sealed Mint Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
MISP - Mint [product] in Sealed Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
MJ - Mara Jade (Star Wars character)
ML - (1) Marvel [comics] Legends (licensed characters)
ML - (2) Micro Lights (Micro Machines)
ML - (3) Missile Launcher (gaming)
MLP - My Little Pony (toy line)
MLS - Multiple Listing Service (online auctions)
MLW - Moulded [eye-] Lash Walker (doll)
MM - (1) Magic Message (My Little Pony with heat-sensitive hidden symbols)
MM - (2) Micro Machines (toy line)
MM - (3) Military Modelling (magazine)
MM - (4) Multi-Melta (Warhammer)
MMM - Merry Melody / Music Maker (Pez container types)
MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (Internet, also; MORPG, ORPG and RPG)
MMP - Multiman Publishing [Company] (games manufacturer, publishes ASL and OCS)
MMPW - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (licensed characters, see also; PR)
MMR - Master Model Railroader (model railways, US NMRA certification)
MNB - Mint [product], No Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MO - Mail Order
MOC - (1) Mint [product] on Card (condition)
MOC - (2) My Own Creation (construction toys)
MOCC - Mint on Cut Card (has been opened, condition)
MOC Fodder. - My Own Creation Fodder (construction toys; set bought for its pieces, not the subject)
Mod. - (1) Model
Mod. - (2) Moderator (Forums, online notice boards)
Mod. - (3) Modified / Modification (see also; CM, Cust., Modded, Mods., Rep., RR and RRH)
Modded - Modified (see also; CM, Cust., Mod., Mods., Rep., RR and RRH)
Mods. - (1) Models
Mods. - (2) Moderators (Forums, online notice boards)
Mods. - (3) Modifications (see also; CM, Cust., Mod., Modded, Rep., RR and RRH)
Mod-Roc. - Modelling Rock (plaster-impregnated gauze modelling material)
MoK - Mark of Khorne (Warhammer)
MOMC - Mint [product] on Mint Card (condition)
MoN - Mark of Nurgle (Warhammer)
Monk - Haemonculus (Warhammer)
MoO - Master of Ordnance (Warhammer)
MORPG - Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (Internet, also; MMORPG, ORPG and RPG)
MoS - Mark of Slaanesh (Warhammer)
MOSC - Mint [product] on Sealed Card (condition)
MOSMC - Mint [product] on Sealed Mint Card (condition)
MOTD - MOC (q.v.) of the Day (construction toys)
MotF - Master of the Forge (Warhammer)
MoT - Mark of Tzeentch (Warhammer)
MOTU - Masters of the Universe (licensed characters)
MOTUC - Masters of the Universe Classics (licensed characters)
MOW - (1) Maintenance of Way (model railways, US form of track gangs or maintenance engineers)
MOW - (2) Man O' War (Breyer horses, naval gaming; Man-of-War)
MOY / MoY - Models of Yesteryear (Matchbox line of die-cast toys)
MIB - Men in Black (movie franchise series licensed characters)
MIB - Mint in Box (condition)
MP - (1) Military Police (war gaming - from the military)
MP - (2) Mint Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
MP - (3) Missile Pod (sci-fi and fantasy gaming)
MP - (4) Movement Points (measure of MA use, gaming)
M & P - Musket and Pike (board game from GMT)
MPC - (1) Marx Plastics Corporation (incorrect use promulgated by JG Garratt; see; MX)
MPC - (2) Multiple Plastics Corporation (US importer and manufacturer)
MPM - Mile/s per Hour
MPreg. - Male Pregnancy (fan fiction type/genre)
MR - (1) Magic Resistance (Warhammer)
MR - (2) Model-sized Ribbon/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
MRIA - Model Railroad Industry Association
MRRC - Model Road Racing Cars (manufacturer)
MRSP - Manufacturer's Recommended Selling Price (see also; MSRP)
MS - Mint State (condition, specifically; coins)
MSiA - Mobile Suit in Action (toy line)
MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (see also; MRSP)
MST - Mystery Science Theatre (TV series, also; MST3K)
MST'ing - Mystery Science Theatre'ing (online commentating on fan fiction)
MST3K - Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (TV series, also; MST)
MSU - Many / Multiple Small Units (war gaming, Warhammer)
MSV - Mobile Support Vehicle (GI Joe)
MT - Multi-Tracker (Warhammer Tau)
M/T - Mane [and] Tail (Breyer horses)
MTFBWY - May the Force Be With You (Star Wars)
MTH - Mikes Train House (model train manufacturer)
MU - (1) Marvel [comics] Universe (licensed characters)
MU - (2) Multiple Units (model railways)
MUSCLE - Millions [of] Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere (Bandai/Mattel toy lines, see also; CUTIE)
MURP - Mini[-ature] Ugly Rock Piece (Lego element, see also; BURP and LURP)
Mvmt. - Movement (gaming)
Mvmt. Cds. - Movement Cards (gaming)
MWB - Mint [product] with Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MWD - Men with Dolls (action-figure forum)
MWC - Mint [product] with Card / Carton (condition)
MWP - Mint [product] with Package (condition)
MWT - Mint [product] With Tags (condition, soft toys)
MX / Mx - Marx (US general toy company and importer)
MY - Mounted Yeoman (Warhammer)
N - Knight (chess notation - replaced Kt to help differentiate from the K for king)
NA - New Adventures [of He-Man] (Masters of the Universe cartoon series)
N / A - Not Applicable
NAA - National Auctioneers Association (US professional body)
NAMHSA - North American Model Horse Shows Association (toy animal collecting)
NAN - North American Nationals (toy animal collecting, NAMHSA's annual National Championship)
NAN Qualified - North American Nationals Qualified (toy animal collecting)
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Nat's. - National Competitions (several hobbies; Games Workshop, slot racing etc...See also; World's.)
NASCAR - National Association [of] Stock Car Automobile Racing [of America] (slot racing)
NBBE - Non-Beddy-Bye-Eye (My Little Pony a non-American market BBE without closing eyes)
NBS - Napoleonic Battles [games] Series (gamers, board games)
NBW - Nut, Bolt [and] Washer [casting] (model railways)
NC - (1) Nemisis Crown (Games Workshop World-wide campaign, 2007)
NC - (2) Newborn Cutie (My Little Pony generation 3.5 baby pony)
NC - (3) No Country (My Little Pony no national mark on hoof, usually means a made in Spain 'secret' model)
NCO - (1) Non-Commissioned Officer
NCO - (2) Nunn's Chess Openings (publication)
N-Digital - Ninco Digital (slot racing control system)
NDS - Non-display side (My Little Pony)
NES - New England Style (dolls houses, dolls house furniture)
Necs. - Necrons (Warhammer, see also; 'Crons.)
Newb / Newbie - New Bleeder / New-boy (someone new to a hobby)
NF - No Feet (Pez container ['stem'] type)
NFR - Not for Resale / Retail [sale] (sales status)
NFS - Not for Sale (sales status)
NFS/NFT - Not for Sale [and] Not for Trade (sales Status)
NFS / T - Not for Sale [or] Trade (sales status)
NFT - Not for Trade (sales status)
NG - Neugeborenes (German; newborn baby - infant/baby doll)
N Gauge. - Nine-millimetre Gauge (model railways)
NGC - Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (coins)
NGF - Non-Gaming Friend (gaming, role-playing, see also; SWMBO)
NHD - New Hope Design  (white-metal toy soldier maker)
NHRA- National Hot Rod Association (of America)
NIB - New in Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
NIC - New in Carton / Cellophane (condition)
NiCd - Nickel-cadmium [battery] (radio-control, slot racing, also; NiCad)
NiCad - Nickel-cadmium [battery] (radio-control, slot racing, also; NiCd)
Nids - Tyranids (Warhammer)
NiMH - Nickel Metal Hydride [battery] (radio-control, slot racing)
NIP - New in Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
Nitro. - Nitromethane (radio-control, full enhancer)
NIS - New in Shrink-wrap (condition)
NJO - New Jedi Order (Star Wars novel series)
NL - New Look (My Little Pony generation 3.5 baby pony)
NL - Night Lords (Warhammer Chaos)
NLSO - Non Lego Significant Other (construction toys; friend, parent, partner, etc...)
NM / N/M - Near / Non-Mint (condition)
NMIB - Near / Non-Mint In Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
NMIP - Near / Non-mint in Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
NMM - Non-Metallic Metal (hobbyists painting technique, see also SENNM)
NMRA - National Model Railroad Association (US)
NN - Nomen Nescio (Latin - name unknown, lit.; Not Known)
NOC - New on Card (condition)
NOMC - New on Mint Card (condition)
Non-con. - Non Consensual (sexual activity in fan fiction, see also; Dub-con.)
Non-HH / nonHH - Non-Heading Hold [servo] (radio-controlled helicopters, see also; HH)
Noob / Noobie - New Bleeder / New-boy (someone new to a hobby, verbal slang/illiterate written form of and see; Newb above)
NORRCA - National Organization [for] Racing Radio Controlled Automobiles / Auto's (US)
NOS - (1) New Old Stock (sales status, old stock in mint condition offered at a modern price)
NOS - (2) New Old Stock (slot racing, using modern parts/components to make a car look like an old model)
NPC - Non-player Character (video gaming)
NPQ - National Park's Quarter (US coins, see also PC and PQ)
NPWS - No Peace Without Spain (board game)
NPS - Non-pull Start (radio-control, see also; PS)
NPU - Nice Part Use / Usage (construction toys, see also; PU)
NR - (1) New Republic (Star Wars see also; OR)
NR / N/R - (2) No Reserve (online auctions)
NRFB - Never Removed From Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
NRFC - Never Removed from Card / Carton (condition)
NRFP - Never Removed From Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
NS - Nickel Silver (metal)
NSE - N-Scale Enthusiast (model railways, US club)
NSH - National Show Horse (Breyer)
NSS - Non-So Soft (My Little Pony a non-American market SS without flocking)
NVG - Not Very Good (Internet, forums)
NWOT - New Without Tags (condition)
NWS - Naval Wargames Society (organisation)
NWT - New With Tags (condition)
NZ - New Zealand (origin)
O - [sometimes with dot in the 'o'] Used (stamps, condition, also listed under 'o')
O66 - Order 66 (Star Wars novel, also; the instruction calling for execution of the Jedi order)
OAK - One [of] a kind (toy status, generally; only one was made, specifically; used by My Little Pony and collectors for decorated conversions, also; OOAK)
OAO - Over And Out
Obi. - (1) Obliterator (Warhammer Chaos, see also; Oblits.)
'Obi.' / Obi-wan. - (2) Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars Character)
Oblits. - Obliterators [cult] (Warhammer, see also; Obi.)
OC - Original Character (fan fiction character not found in original cannon)
O / CM - Open Closed Mouth (doll with open uncut mouth, without teeth)
OCS - (1) Operational Combat [games] Series (Gamers board games)
OCS - (2) Oriental Ceramics Society
OF - Original Finish (condition, also; FP and OFF)
OF - Outbound Flight (Star Wars novel)
OFC - Other Female Character (fan fiction)
OFF - Original Factory Finish (condition, also; FP and OF)
O&G - Orcs and Goblins (gaming)
OJI - Old Joe Infirmary (manufacturer)
OK - Orcs Kingdoms (war gaming, Warhammer)
OL - [electrical] Overload (power-using hobbies)
OLGS - On-Line Game Store
OM - Open Mouth (doll with cut open mouth usually with inset teeth)
OMC - Other Male Character (fan fiction)
OOAK - One of a Kind (toy status, generally; only one was made, specifically; used by My Little Pony and collectors for decorated conversions, also; OAK)
OOB - (1) Order of Battle (war gaming)
OOB - (2) [Item] Out of [the] Box (condition, see also OOP and OP)
OOB - (3) [Made] Out of [the] Box (modelling, see also OOP and OP)
OOC - Out of Character (Internet, forums, fan fiction, online, including; Cosplay and LARP)
OOP / OoP - (1) Out of [the] Pack / Packaging (die-cast, action figures, less common usage, see also OOB and OP)
OOP / OoP - (2) Out of Print (board games, publications, rules, least common usage, see also OP)
OOP / OoP - (3) Out of Production (general toys / models, common usage, see also OP)
OOR - Out of Register (modelling, transfers)
OOS / OoS - Out of Stock / Supply (see also OS)
OP - (1) Operation Points (gaming)
OP - (2) Original Post / Poster (Internet, forums, online)
OP - (3) Out of [the] Pack / Packaging (die-cast, action figures, less common usage, see also OOB and OOP)
OP - (4) Out of Print (board games, publications, rules, least common usage, see also OOP)
OP - (5) Out of Production (general toys / models, common usage, see also OOP)
OP - (6) Overpowered (gaming)
'Op Art' - Optical Art [movement] (see also; Pep Art)
OPS - (1) Omniscient Player Syndrome (gaming, derogatory; know-it-all'ism has set in)
OPS - (2) Online Photographic Show
Ops. - Operations (war gaming - from the military)
OR - Old Republic (Star Wars, see also; NR)
Orb. - [Resurrection] Orb (Warhammer Necrons, also Res.Orb.)
ORPG - Online Role Playing Game (Internet, also; MMORPG, MORPG and RPG)
OS - (1) Official [fan] Site
OS - (2) Original Sculpture
OS - (3) Out [of] Stock / Supply
OSG - Operational Studies Group (Napoleonic games manufacturer)
OSS - [with] Original Swimming-suit (condition, Barbie dolls)
OST - Original [movie] Soundtrack
OT - Original Trilogy (Star Wars, now; Episodes IV, V and VI, see also; PT)
OTB - (1) Out [of] The Box (board game without add-ons, model kit without enhancements, slot racing runner, &etc.)
OTB - (2) Over the Board (chess - a face-to-face game)
OTOH - On The Other Hand (Internet, forums, online)
P - (1) Plaque/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
P - (2) Poor (condition)
P4 - Gauge - Proto-four Gauge (model railways, 18.83mm)
PA - (1) Pilot Assist (radio-control device)
PA - (2) Public Address [system] / Public Announcement (shows, conventions)
PAB / PaB - Pick-a-Brick (Lego)
PAF - Proud Arabian Foal (Breyer horses)
PAM - Proud Arabian Mare (Breyer horses)
Paper AI - Paper-based Artificial Intelligence (gaming, cards/instructions for solo play)
PAS - Proud Arabian Stallion (Breyer horses)
PB - (1) Paperback (book)
PB - (2) Peasant Bowman (Warhammer)
PB - (3) Perfect-body (series of female action figures from Blue Box's CG line)
PB - (4) Powerbase (slot racing, power-to-track equipment)
P/B - Pull-back (motor)
PBEM / PbeM - Play by E-Mail (war gaming on-line, as opposed to VFTF)
PBM - (1) Play by [Snail] Mail (war gaming)
PBM - (2) Pull-back Motor
PB Pro. - Powerbase Professional (slot racing, PB upgrade)
PB pro SH - Powerbase Professional Simple-H (slot racing, PB Pro. upgrade)
PBR - Professional Bull Riders (Breyer)
PB Toys - Peter Bergner Toys (retail website and sometime commissioner of limited re-runs)
PC - (1) [National] Park's Coin (US coins, see also NPQ and PQ)
PC - (2) Plasma Cannon (fantasy/sci-fi gaming)
PC - (3) Pulse Cannons (fantasy/sci-fi gaming, Warhammer Tau)
PCA - Professional Chess Association (1993-1996)
PCB - Printed Circuit Board
PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service
PCM - Pulse Code Modulation (radio-control)
PCO - Power Cut-Off (radio-control)
PCS - Platoon Command Squad (gaming)
Pcs. / pcs. - Pieces (items, components)
PDF - (1) Planetary Defence Forces (gaming)
PDF - (2) Portable Data File (computers, Internet)
PDOJ - Pezzy Dance of Joy (? Pez collectors, clearly you need to be there!)
PE - (1) Painted Eyes (doll)
PE - (2) Photo-etched (parts or components, usually acid etched in brass sheet, sometimes steel sheet)
PE - (3) Polyethylene (plastic polymer)
'Pep Art' - Pop-Energy Art [movement] (see also; Pop Art)
PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate (plastic polymer)
PF - (1) Power Fist (Warhammer Space-Marines, see also; Pfist.)
PF / Pf. - (2) Proof (coins, also; Pr.)
PF1-PF70 - Proof [with numerical condition] (coins, also; PR1-PR70)
Pfist. - Power Fist (Warhammer, see also; PF)
PFPC - Plastic Figure [and] Playset Collector (defunct magazine)
PG - Plasma gun (fantasy/sci-fi gaming)
PGN - Portable Game Notation (chess / computing)
PH - Painted Hair (Action Man, GI Joe and Gyperman)
PHOTM - Pez Head of the Month (Pez collectors)
PHOTY- Pez Head of the Year (Pez collectors)
PI - Programmed Instruction (computer gaming)
PITA - Pain in the Ass (Internet, forums, online, war gaming specific; enemy units)
PK - Pegasus Knights (Warhammer Bretonnia)
PK - (1) Power Klaw (Warhammer)
PK - (2) Probability [of a] Kill (gaming)
PL - Painted [eye-] Lashes (doll)
PLG - Pit Lane Game (slot racing)
PLW - Painted Lash Walker (doll)
Ply. - Plywood (material)
PM - Personal / Private Message (Internet, forums, online)
PMSC - Plastic Moulded Slug Core (plastic moulding with metal/weighted interior core)
PN / P/N - Pattern Number
PNP / P'n'P - (1) Plug and Play (powered toys, ready to run, see also ARF, ARTR, ARR, BNF, RTF and RTR)
PNP / P'n'P - (2) Postage and Packaging (eBay, on-line auctions)
PNP / P'n'P - (3) Print and Play (online - downloadable game or toy)
PO - (1) Phase Out (Warhammer Necrons)
PO - (2) Post Office
PO - (3) Pre-Order
PO - (3) Private Owner (of; railway wagon)
POA - Pony of [the] Americas (Breyer horses)
PoG - Paths of Glory (board game)
Poly-C - Polycyclic Coverer (plastic polymer, proprietary polyurethane varnish)
PoM - Parasite of Mortrex (Warhammer Tyranids)
POOP - Part [made] of Other Parts (construction toys)
POP - Princess of Power (Masters of the Universe character; She-Ra)
Pop. - (1) Population (coins)
Pop. - (2) Popular
POS - Piece of Shit (slang)
Possu. - Possessed [marine] (Warhammer Chaos space marines)
POT - Planet of Twilight (Star Wars novel)
PotC - Pirates of the Carribean (movie franchise series licensed characters)
POTF - Power of the Force (Star Wars licensed characters)
POTJ - Power of the Jedi (Star Wars licensed characters)
PotMS - Power of the Machine Spirit (Warhammer)
POV - Point of View (Internet, forums, online, war gaming, construction toys)
PP - (1) Plasma Pistol (gaming)
PP - (2) Polypropylene (plastic polymer)
PP - (3) Poplar Plastics / Poplar Playthings (UK manufacturer)
PP - (4) Printer's Proof (books, posters, prints, see also; AP, EA, HC and TP)
PP - (5) Privateer Press (manufacturer)
PP - (6) Processed Plastic (US manufacturer)
P&P - Postage and Packaging
PPM - Pulse Position Modulation (radio-control, also; FM)
PPP - Prichard Patent Products (umbrella group name for several model railway accessory brands)
PQ - [National] Park's Quarter (US coins, see also NPQ and PC)
PR - (1) Plasma Rifle (sci-fi and fantasy gaming, Warhammer Tau)
PR - (2) Power Rangers (licensed characters, see also; MMPR)
PR / Pr. (3) Proof (coins, also Pf.)
PR - (4) Pulse Rifle (sci-fi and fantasy gaming, Warhammer Tau)
PR1-PR70 - Proof [with numerical condition] (coins, also; PF1-PF70)
Pred. - Predator (licensed character and Warhammer)
Preemie/s. - Premature Babies/y (Cabbage Patch Dolls soft toys)
Pres. / Prez. - [US] President / Presidential (coins)
'Prism - Fire Prism (Warhammer)
PRO / Pro. - Prototype figure (toy status)
Promo's. - Promotional [toys or models]
Proto87 - Prototypical 1:87th [Gauge] (model railway group in the US)
PS - Polystyrene (plastic polymer)
PS - Pull Start (radio-control, see also NPS)
PSQ - Photographic Show Quality
PSR - Plastic Soldier Review (website)
PSS - Power Scale Soaring (unpowered gliding models of real powered aircraft)
PSSA - Power Scale Soaring Association
PST - PromSnabTorg (manufacturer)
PSU - Power Supply Unit (working models, slot racing, radio-control &etc.)
PT - (1) Power Team (G.I. Joe series)
PT - (2) Prequel Trilogy (Star Wars, episodes I, II and III, see also OT)
PTO - Pacific Theatre [of] Operations (WWII, Pacific region/war on Japan)
PU - (1) Part Usage (construction toys, see also; NPU)
PU - (2) Polyurethane (plastic polymer)
PU - (2) Polyurethane Resin (plastic polymer)
PuG - Pursuit of Glory (board game)
PVA - Polyvinyl Acetate (plastic polymer, capable of being water-soluble)
PVC - Polyvinylchloride (synthetic rubber / polymer)
PVP - Player Versus Player (gaming)
PW - (1) Played-with / Play-worn (condition)
PW - (2) Plastic Warrior (longest running toy soldier magazine)
PWOR - Proceeding with Orders Received (Stingray radio call sign)
PZG - Polski Zwiazek Gluchych (Polish - Union of the Deaf or 'Polish Association for Deaf People', made toy soldiers)
Q - Queen (chess notation)
QA - Quality Assurance (industry)
QB- Queen Bishop (chess, bishop on the queen's side)
QBP - Queen Bishop Pawn (chess, bishop's pawn on the queen's side)
QC - Quality Control / Controller (industry)
QFT - Quoted for Truth (Internet, forums, online)
QGA - [The] Queen's Gambit Accepted (chess opening)
QGD - [The] Queen's Gambit Declined (chess opening)
QGJ - Qui-Gon Jinn (Star Wars character)
QID - [The] Queen's Indian Defence (chess opening)
QK - Questing Knights (Warhammer Bretonnia)
QN - Queen Knight (chess, knight on the queen's side)
QNP - Queen Knight Pawn (chess, knight's pawn on the queen's side)
QP - Queen Pawn (chess, pawn in front of the queen)
QR - Queen Rook (chess, rook/castle on the queen's side)
QRP - Queen Rook Pawn (chess, rook/castle's pawn on the queen's side)
Q Ship - Query Ship (armed ship disguised as merchant vessel)
Q Train - Query Train (passenger train manned by British Transport Police)
Quad. - (1) Quadruple [guns/cannons] (military modelling)
Quad. - (2) Quadruple [magnets] (slot racing)
R - (1) Ribbon/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
R - (2) Rook (chess notation, also known as a 'Castle')
R1 - Radius One (slot racing, corner curve radius; 18 inch outer diameter)
R2 - Radius Two (slot racing, corner curve radius; 30 inch outer diameter, standard boxed-set curve)
R3 - Radius Three (slot racing, corner curve radius; 42 inch outer diameter)
R4 - Radius Four (slot racing, corner curve radius; 54 inch outer diameter)
RAF - Royal Air Force
RAH - Real American Hero (G.I. Joe, 3 3/4" licensed characters)
RAL - Reichs-Ausschuß [für] Lieferbedingungen [und Gütesicherung] (German - Imperial/State Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance, specifically for modellers; colour standards)
Rats. - (1) Rations (war gaming)
Rats. - (2) Ratlings (Warhammer)
RAW - Rules; [to be played] as Written (gaming)
RBT - [Leman] Russ Battle Tank (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
RBT - Repeater Bolt Thrower (war gaming, Warhammer)
RC - (1) Racing Champions (manufacturer)
RC - (2) Radio / Remote Controlled
RC - (3) Rending Claws (Warhammer Tyranids)
RC - (4) Republic Commando (Star Wars)
R/C - Radio / Remote Control/led (remote includes non-radio equipment like infra-red)
R/Cer / R/C'er - Radio Controller / Radio-control operator
R/CH / RCH - Radio-controlled Helicopter
RCS - Remote Control Section (model railways, Lionel componant)
Reds. - Redemptionists (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
Rep. - Repaint / Repainted (see also; CM, Cust., Mod., Modded, Mods., RR and RRH)
Repro. - Reproduction (condition)
RES - Resolute (G.I. Joe, licensed characters)
Res.Orb. - Resurrection Orb (Warhammer Necrons)
Rets. - Retributors (Warhammer Inquisition and Imperial Guard)   
RG - Rail Gun (war gaming - from the military, Warhammer Tau)
RGB - Recreational Games Board (online website also known as 'rec.games.board')
RHA - Royal Horse Artillery
Riko - Richard Kohnstam (UK hobby importer)
RiP - Remains in Play (Warhammer)
Ri-Toys - Rado Industries Toys (Hong Kong rack-toy manufacturer)
RK - Rübezahl Koch (chocolate capsule toy issuer)
RL / R&L - Rosenhain and Lipmann (premium manufacturer)
RLL - Lafael Lipkin Limited (Pippin Toys manufacturer)
RMCA - Road Map Collectors [of] America
RMS - Race Management Softwear (slot racing)
ROAR - Radio Operated Auto Racing (radio-controlled car and truck racing)
ROC - Rise of Cobra (G.I. Joe, licensed characters)
ROF - Rolling / Rolls on Floor (Internet, forums, online)
ROFL - Rolling / Rolls on Floor Laughing (Internet, forums, online)
ROFLMAO - Rolling / Rolls on Floor Laughing My Arse Off (Internet, forums, online)
ROFLOL - Rolling / Rolls on Floor Laughing Out Loud (Internet, forums, online)
ROG - Rise Off [the] Ground (model flying, launches from the ground, not the hands or a cradle)
ROTF - Rolling On the Floor (Internet, forums, online)
ROTFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing (Internet, forums, online)
ROTFLMAO - Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Arse Off (Internet, forums, online)
ROTFLOL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud (Internet, forums, online)
ROTFLWPIMP - Rolling On the Floor Laughing While Peeing in My Pants (Internet, forums, online)
ROTJ - [Star Wars] Return of the Jedi (Star Wars licensed characters)
ROTS - [Star Wars] Revenge of the Sith (Star Wars licensed characters)
ROW - Runes of Witnessing (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
ROW - [The] Rest of [the] World (toy market, less US but including LAAM)
RP - (1) Recommended Practice (hobbies with organising bodies)
RP - (2) Res Plastics (Italian figure manufacturer)
RP - (3) Role-Play / Role Playing (gaming)
RP - (4) Royal Pegasus (Warhammer Bretonnia)
RPG - (1) Rocket Propelled Grenade (modelling, war gaming)
RPG - (2) Role Playing Game/s (gaming, also online; MMORPG, MORPG, and ORPG)
RPJ - Red Paint Job (Warhammer)
RPM - (1) Revolutions / Rotations per Minute (radio-control, slot racing, engines, motors, propellers etc...)
RPM - (2) Rounds per Minute (war gaming, specifically; artillery, tanks and heavy weapons)
RPO - Railroad Post Office (model railways, US equivalent of Royal Mail sorting wagons)
RR - (1) Railroad (US for railway)
RR - (2) Regular Run (standard production item)
RR - (3) Reinforced Ram (Warhammer Orks)
RR - (4) Repainted [and] Remade (Breyer horses, see also; CM, Cust., Mod., Modded, Mods., Rep. and RRH)
RR - (5) Rough Riders (Warhammer Imperial Guard)
RR - (6) Round Robin (Internet, forums, computing, regular newsletter to member list)
RRH - Repainted, Remade [and] Haired (Breyer horses, see also; CM, Cust., Mod., Modded, Mods., Rep. and RR)
RS - Rosette/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
Rsn. - Resin (by hobbyists; two-part poured polyurethane, in industry; raw PVC for extrusion)
RSP - Religion, Sex, Politics (Internet, particularly; forums, online)
RSS - Regimental Sub [games] Series (American Civil War rule expansion, gamers, board games)
RT - Rogue Trader (Games Workshop, original name for Warhammer 40,000)
RTF - (1) Read the FAQ's (Internet, forums, online)
RTF / R-T-F - (2) Ready to Fly (radio-control, toy, usually powered, that requires no construction or additional components, see also; ARF, ARR, ARTR, BNF, PNP and RTR)
RTFM - Read the Fucking Manual (slang; Internet, forums, online)
RToB - [The] Round Table of Bretonnia (Warhammer Bretonnia specific web-site)
RTR / R-T-R - (1) Ready to Race (slot racing , toy, usually powered, that requires no construction or additional components, see also; ARF, ARR, ARTR, BNF, PNP and RTF)
RTR / R-T-R - (2) Ready to Run (radio-control, model railways, slot racing , toy, usually powered, that requires no construction or additional components, see also; ARF, ARR, ARTR, BNF, PNP and RTF)
RTS - Real Time Stratagy (rules/set-up for gaming in real-time)
RvD - Ryan Versus Dorkman (Star Wars fan film)
RW - Ravenwing (Warhammer)
RWD - Rear-wheel/ed Drive / Rear Wheels Driven
RWR - Real Working Rigs (die-cast toys)
Rx - Receiver (radio-control, see also; Tx)
RXB - Repeater Crossbow (war gaming, Warhammer)
S - Springer (German - Jumper, chess notation, alternate for knight)
SA - (1) South Africa (origin)
SA - (2) Super Articulated / Articulation (GI Joe, Action Man)
S&A - Skill and Action (board games)
SAC - Showdown at Centerpoint (Star Wars novel)
Sac. - Sacrifice (chess notation)
SAE - Swedish African Engineers (metal figure manufacturer)
SAG - Shokk Attack Gun (Warhammer Orks)
SAM - Surface [-to-] Air Missile (war gaming - from the military)
SAMI - Scale Aviation Modelling International (publication)
SARN - Scale Auto [-mobile] Racing News (US slot racing publication)
SB - (1) Standardbred (Breyer horses)
SB - (2) Storm Bolter (Warhammer Space-Marines)
SBP - Small Blue Planet (ex-retailer)
SBS - Star by Star (Star Wars novel)
SBW - (1) Saddlebred Weanling (Breyer horses)
SBW - (2) Spiel by Web (website for eMail gaming)
SC - (1) Seer Council (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
SC - (2) Slightly Chipped (condition)
SC - (3) Splinter Cannon (Warhammer Dark Eldar)
SC - (4) Starcannon (Warhammer)
Scaley. / Scalex. - Scalextric (slot racing)
'Scorps - [Striking] Scorpions (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins, see also; SS)
SCS - Standard Combat [games] Series (Gamers board games)
SCX-D - SCX-Digital (slot racing, SCX version of Scalextric digital control system)
SD - (1) Some Damage (condition)
SD - (2) Super Deformed (Japanese toy type, SD is copyright to Bandai so see also; CB)
S/D - Sire / Dam (Breyer horse model listing)
SDCC - San Diego Comic Con (annual show/convention)
SDRA - Scale Drag Racing Association (slot racing offshoot)
SE - (1) Silver Eagle (American dollar coin, formally; ASE)
SE - (2) Special Edition (less common usage than and see also; LE)
SEGOM - Sociéte D’édition Génèral d’Objets Moulés (French, metal and plastic figure manufacturer)
SENMM - Sky-Earth Non-Metallic Metal (hobbyists painting technique, see also NNM)
Seras. - Seraphim (Warhammer Inquisition)
SF / S/F / S-F - (1) Science Fiction (see also; Sci-fi, SF&F and SFFF)
SF - (2) Slot [racing] Forum (online website)
S/F - (3) Start/Finish (board games, slot racing)
SFI - Slot [racing] Forum international (online website)
SFB - Star Fleet Battles (games system)
SFBC - Science Fiction Book Club
SF&F / SFF - Science Fiction and Fantasy (see also; SF and SFFF)
SFFF / SFF&F - Science Fiction, Fantasy and Fact (see also; SF and SF&F)
SFG - Side Force Generator (radio-controlled aircraft)
S/F Line - Start/Finish line (slot racing)
SFO - Sweden Fights On (GMT game)
SFSFW - Society [of] Fantasy [and] Science Fiction Wargamers (organisation)
SFX - Special Effects (movies)
SG - (1) Sergeant (gaming, correctly Sgt.)
SG - (2) Sternguard (Warhammer)
S Gauge - Standard Gauge (0.875" or 22.2mm between rails, see also; S Scale)
SGBH / SGBoH / sGBoH -  Simple Great Battles of History (new set of GMT rules for GBoH)
SGDG - Sans Garantie du Governement (French - [registered patent] without government guarantee)
SH - (1) Shit Happens (Internet, forums, computing)
SH / S-H - (2) Simple-H (Slot racing power/control component)
SH - (3) Sith Happens (Star Wars)
S@H - Shop at Home (Internet, online shopping)
SHF - Stock Horse Foal (Breyer horses)
SHIP - Significantly Huge Investment [in/ of / with] Pieces (construction toys)
SHM - Stock Horse Mare (Breyer horses)
SHMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed (mildly derogatory term used by older collectors / gamers for their better half, from the literary character 'Rumpole of the Bailey')
SHQ - Statehood Quarters (US coins, see also; SQ)
SHS - Stock Horse Stallion (Breyer horses)
Shuricat. - Shurican Catapult (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
SIG - (1) Special Interest Group (forum or club 'speciality' sub-section, see also; LUG)
SIG - (2) Spectrum is Green (Captain Scarlet radio call sign; 'All-clear')
SigFig. - Signature Figure (construction toys, a 'physical' avatar)
SIM / Sim. - Simulation / Simulator
SIR - Spectrum is Red (Captain Scarlet radio call sign; 'Base is on alert')
Sitrep. - Situation Report (war gaming, from the military)
SJVWGS - San Joaquin Valley War Gaming Association (of the WGS, organisation)
SKU - Stock Keeping Unit [number] ('bar code')
Skr. - Skirmishers / Skirmishing (war gaming)
SL - (1) Squad Leader (board game, see also ASL)
SL - (2) Swarmlord (Warhammer Tyranids)
SLH - Super Long Hair (My Little Pony)
SLOT - Silly Love of Toys (slot car racing)
SLU - Starting Line Up (of toy line)
SLW - Straight Leg Walker (doll)
SM - Space Marine (sci-fi and fantasy gaming)
SM - Stablemates [scale] (Breyer horses, 1:32nd scale)
SMAE - Society [of] Model Aeronautical Engineers (organisation, now; BMFA)
'Smalls' - Small Collectables (auctions)
SMART - Switched, Meter, Aerial, Rates, Trims (radio-controlled aircraft, pre-flight check mnemonic)
SMS - (1) Shoot Move Shoot (war gaming play order)
SMS - (2) Short Message Service (computing)
SMS - (3) Smart Missile System (Warhammer Tau)
SM'S / SM's - Space Marines (gaming)
SMS Alert/s - Short Message Service Alert/s (computing, online auctions)
SMT - Surface Mount Technology (radio-control, very lightweight solid-state components)
SNARL - Studs Not at Right-Angles (construction toys)
SNIR - Studs Not in a Row (construction toys)
SNAFU - Situation Normal; All Fucked-Up (slang)
SNOT - Studs Not on Top (construction toys)
SnP / S'n'P - Slow and Purposeful (gaming)
SO - Senior Officer (Warhammer)
SoB - Sisters of Battle (Warhammer)
SOC / SoC - Storm of Chaos (Games Workshop 2004 Internet campaign)
SoK - Spear of Khaine (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
SoL - Staff of Light (Warhammer Necrons)
SOP - (1) Standard Operating Procedure (Internet, forums, online and war gaming, from the military)
SoP - (2) Sequence of Play (gaming)
SOTEW - Society of Twentieth-Century Wargamers (organisation)
SOTE - Shadows of the Empire (Star Wars novel and videogame)
SotL - Ship of the Line (sail-era warship)
SotM - Spirit of the Martyr (Warhammer Inquisition)
SOTP - Spectre of the Past (Star Wars novel)
SOTW - Soldiers of the World (Formative, Hasbro/Palitoy, Kellogg's, et al...see also WOTW)
SP - (1) Shuriken Pistol (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
SP - (2) Spirit Stones (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
SP - (3) Spoldzielnia Produkcyjna (Polish - Collective Factory or Farm ie; 'Production Works')
SP - (4) Supreme Products (Chinese toy manufacturer)
SPA - Self-Propelled Artillery (war gaming - from the military)
SPAM - Specific Part Applied [in] Multiples (construction toys, repetitive use of one element)
'Span. - Wingspan (aircraft modelling)
SPG - Self-Propelled Gun (war gaming - from the military)
SPI - Simulations Publications Incorporated (games manufacturer)
SPST - Single Pole Single Throw [switch] (model railway electrics)
SQ - Statehood Quarters (US coins, see also; SHQ)
SR - (1) Southern Railway
SR - (2) Special Run (kind of Limited Edition; LE)
SRiA - Super Robot in Action (toy line)
SRS - Super Racing System (slot racing, SCX space frame chassis made in the 1990's)
SS - (1) ShadowSeer, a Harlequin (Warhammer Harlequins)
SS - (2) Shining Spears (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
SS - (3) Shutzstaffel (German - Bodyguard, Nazi organisation)
SS - (4) Sideshow [toys] (manufacturer)
SS - (5) So Soft (My Little Pony American market flocked ponies)
SS - (6) Striking Scorpions (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins, see also; 'Scorps)
S Scale - Standard Scale (1:64th or 3/16" or 0.188"/4.76mm to the foot, see also; S Gauge, not to be confused with W Britains' hollow-cast figures 'Standard Size'; 54mm figures)
SSD - (1) Scalextric Sport Digital (slot racing, Scalextric version of digital control)
SSD - (2) Super Star Destroyer (Star Wars spaceship)
SSHF - Standing Stock Horse Foal (Breyer horses)
SSDC - Scalextric Sport Digital Console (Scalextric slot racing control system)
SST's - Stormtroopers (gaming)
SSW - Scalextric Sport World (slot racing, defunct attempt at internet connected competition)
ST - (1) Safety Toy / Safety Tested (Japanese toy safety mark)
ST - (2) Scything Talons (Warhammer Tyranids)
ST - (3) Sole Trader (self employed)
ST - (4) Star Trek (licensed characters, TV series and eleventh movie)
ST - (5) Stunt (model flying)
S&T - Strategy and Tactics (sci-fi and fantasy gaming magazine, once published by 3W)
ST I - Star Trek [movie] One ('The Motion Picture', see also; ST: TMP)
ST II - Star Trek [movie] Two ('The Wrath of Khan', see also; ST: TWOK)
ST III - Star Trek [movie] Three ('The Search for Spock', see also; ST: TSFS)
ST IV - Star Trek [movie] Four ('The Voyage Home', see also; ST: TVH)
ST V - Star Trek [movie] Five ('The Final Frontier', see also; ST: TFF)
ST VI - Star Trek [movie] Six ('The Undiscovered Country' see also; TS: TUC)
STBLDF - Similar to but Legally Distinct From (deliberate piracy but outside legal action)
STC - Subject to Confirmation (auctions)
ST: DS9 - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (space station and TV series, also; DS9)
Ste. - Jules Steiner (doll manufacturer)
ST: FC - Star Trek - First Contact (eighth movie)
STG / ST: G - Star Trek Generations (seventh movie)
STI / ST: I - Star Trek Insurrection (ninth movie, see also; ST: INS)
STIG - Star Trek Into Darkness (twelfth movie)
ST: INS - Star Trek - Insurrection (ninth movie, see also; STI / ST: I)
ST: N / ST: Nem. - Star Trek - Nemesis (tenth movie)
STOL - Short Take-Off [and] Landing (flying models, modelling)
Stormies - Stormtroopers (gaming) / Storm Guardians (Warhammer)
'Stones - Spirit Stones (Warhammer)
ST: TAS - Star Trek - The Animated Series (TV series)
ST: TFF - Star Trek - The Final Frontier (fifth movie, see also; ST V)
ST: TMP - Star Trek - The Motion Picture (original movie, see also; ST I)
ST: TNG - Star Trek - The Next Generation (TV series, also TNG)
ST: TOS - Star Trek - The Original [television] Series
ST: TSFS - Star Trek - The Search for Spock (third movie, see also; ST IV)
ST: TUC - Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country (sixth movie, see also; ST VI)
STV / ST: V / ST:Voy - Star Trek - Voyager (spaceship and TV series)
ST: TVH - Star Trek - The Voyage Home (forth movie, see also; ST IV)
ST: TWOK - Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan (second movie, see also; ST II)
SURP - Small Ugly Rock Piece (Lego element, alternative for and see also; LURP)
SPW - Slightly Played-with / Play-worn (condition)
SW - (1) Slightly Worn (condition)
SW - (2) Space Wolves (Warhammer, gaming)
SW - (3) Star Wars (licensed characters)
SWA - Solo Wargamers Association
Swash. - Swashplate / Swash Plate (radio-controlled helicopters)
SWEU - Star Wars' Expanded Universe (the whole cannon of films, comics, books and toys)
SWFFA - Star Wars Fan Film Awards
SWI - Star Wars Insider (official publication)
SWRPG - Star Wars Role Playing Game
Sx - Servo Mechanism (radio-control)
T - (1) Tack (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
T - (2) Trash (condition)
T - (3) Turns (radio-control, motor armatures)
TA - (1) Targeting Array (gaming)
TA - (2) Trading As (prefix to self-employed 'trading name', see also; DBA)
TAC - Take All-Comers (gaming)
TAC / Tac. - Tactical (war gaming, Warhammer; Tactical Squad)
Tacs. - Tacticals (war gaming, Warhammer; Tactical Squads)
Tact. - Tactical (war gaming, Warhammer; Tactical Squad)
TAF - Twice as Fancy (My Little Pony model with extra markings)
TAHGC - The Avalon Hill Gaming Company (games manufacturer, see also; AH)
Tampo. - Tampographical [printer, -ing] / Tampography
TAR - Trial Assault Rules (Warhammer, in 3rd edition rule-book)
TARDIS - Time and Relative Dimension in Space (Dr. Who, sometimes; 'dimensions')
TARFU - Things Are Really Fucked-Up (slang)
TB - (1) Thoroughbred (Breyer horses)
TB - (2) Toy Biz (manufacturer)
T&B - Taylor and Barratt (farm and zoo figure manufacturer, see also B&S and FGT)
TBB - The Brothers Brick (Lego Blog)
T-Bird - [Ford] Thunderbird (toy cars)
TC - (1) Test Colour
TC - (2) Timeless Collection (GI Joe series also known as and see; 40th)
T&C - Terms and Conditions
TCG - Trading Card Game (see also; CCG)
TCR - (1) The Chip Rack (gambling chip collector's publication)
TCR - (2) Total Control Racing (Ideal's branded slot racing system)
TCS - Tactical Combat [games] Series (Gamers board games)
TD - Tournament Director (chess)
TDiC - The Die is Cast (Star Trek DS9 episode)
TDY - Temporary Duty (gaming)
TE - Trailing Edge (flying models)
TE - Twinkle-Eye (My Little Pony)
TEC - Terrain Effect Card / Chart (war gaming)
Tech. - Technical / Technician / Technological / Technology
TEG - [Plan] Táctico [y] Estratégico [de la] Guerra (Spanish - The Tactics and Strategy of War, war game)
TEQ / TEq. - Terminator Equivalent (Warhammer)
Term. / Termie. - Terminator (sci-fi and fantasy gaming, movies)
TFG - Task Force Games (board game manufacturer)
TFN - The Force Net (Star Wars website)
TFOL - Teen Fan of Lego (construction toys)
TFU - The Force Unleashed (Star Wars graphic and full novel's and videogame)
TG - Tatooine Ghost (Star Wars novel)
TGT - The Gaming Table (gambling chip collector's publication)
TH - Thunder Hammer (Warhammer Space-Marines)
T Helm. - Tormentor Helm (Warhammer Dark Eldar)
THX / Thx. - Thanks / Thank [you] (Internet, forums, computing)
TIA - Thanks In Advance (Internet, forums, online)
TIL - Today I Learned . . . (informative/news sentence follows; chat rooms, forums, message boards)
Timpo - Toy Importers (maufacturer)
T-Jet - Thunder Jet (Aurora HO slot racer)
TJK - The Joiner King (Star Wars novel)
TK - (1) Tomb Kings (Warhammer)
TK - (2) Toy Kingdom (US retailer)
TL - (1) Target Lock (gaming)
TL - (2) Turbolaser (Sci-fi and gaming)
TLAR - That Looks About-Right (modelling)
TLC - (1) Tender Loving Care (Internet, forums)
TLC - (2) The Last Command (Star Wars novel)
TLC - (3) The Lego Company (manufacturer, see also; TLG)
TL;DR - [Book or document] Too Long [I] Didn't Read [it] (Internet, forums)
TLG - The Lego Company (manufacturer, see also; TLC)
TLOS - True Line of Sight (war gaming. See also LOS)
TM - Trade Mark / Trademark
TMC - Tyranid Monstrous Creature (Warhammer Tyranids)
TMHT - Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (licensed characters, UK 'politically corrected' TMNT)
TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (licensed characters)
TMP - The Miniatures Page (website)
TNG - The Next Generation (Star Trek TV series, also ST: TNG)
TNW - The Napoleonic Wars (gaming, also a specific board game)
TNT / T-N-T - Twist and Turn (Barbie doll type 1976-1977)
TO - Tournament Organizer (war gaming)
TOA - Track Owners Association (slot racing, formally; TOAA)
TOAA - Track Owners Association [of] America (slot racing, now; TOA)
ToC - Triumph of Chaos (board game)
TOPS - Total Operations Processing System (railways)
TOR - The Old Republic (Star Wars videogame)
TOS - Terms of Service
TP - (1) Track Power (slot racing track design software)
TP - (2) Trial Proof (books, posters, prints, see also; AP, EA, HC and PP)
TPB - Trade Paperback (book)
TQ - Top Qualifier (slot racing)
TR / T/R - (1) Tail Rotor (model helicopters)
TR - (2) Test Run (of production or powered toy)
TR - (3) Torque Roll (radio-controlled aircraft manoeuvre)
TR - (4) Trophy/ies (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
Tr. - Tyranids (Warhammer)
Trad. - Traditional [scale] (Breyer horses, 1:9th scale)
Trainer/s. - Train Fans (Lego, construction toys)
Trix. - Minitrix [or] Trix Trains (model railway manufacturer, see also; TT)
TRU - Toys 'R' Us (retailer)
TS - (1) Thousand Sons (Warhammer Chaos, see also; 1k Sons)
TS - (2) Tomb Spyder (Warhammer Necrons)
TS - (3) Toxin Sacs (Warhammer)
TSR - Tactical Studies Rules (D&D games manufacturer)
TSS - Terrible Swift Sword (board game)
TSSD - Toy Soldiers [of] San Diego (plastic figure manufacturer)
TT - (1) Time Travel (sci-fi, gaming, general)
TT - (2) To Trade (sales status)
TT - (3) Trix Trains (model railway manufacturer, see also; Trix)
TTFN - Ta-ta For Now (Internet, forums, online)
TT Gauge - Table Top Gauge (model railways, 0.471" or 12mm between rails, see also; TT Scale)
TT Scale - Table Top Scale (model railways, 1:120 or 1/10" to the foot, see also TT Gauge)
TTT - The Thrawn Trilogy (Star Wars novels; Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command)
TTW - (1) Table Top War-game
TTW - (2) Tactical Trench Wars (gaming)
TTW - (3) The Tolkien Wiki [pedia] (website)
TTW - (4) Tropical Tower Wars (World of Warcraft game)
T/U - Touched Up (condition)
TV - Television / Televisual
TVR - Trial Vehicle Rules (Warhammer, in 3rd edition rule-book)
TV Tie-in. - Television Tie-in (usually licensed toy based on television programme)
TWH - Tennessee Walking Horse (Breyer horses)
Tx - Transmitter (radio-control, see also; Rx)
TZ - (1) Timothy Zahn (Star Wars author)
TZ - (2) Triple Zero (Star Wars novel)
UBEC - Universal Battery Eliminating Circuit (radio-control, branded standalone BEC)
UC / U/C - Undercarriage (model aircraft)
UCC - Uniform Commercial Code (US sales / commercial transaction rules, see also; USPAP)
UCS - Ultimate Collectors Series (Lego series of Star Wars sets)
UDR - Upside-down ® (pez collectors, mould variation from Slovenia)
UK - United Kingdom (Britain/British, company or product origin)
UF - Up Front (Avalon Hill card game)
UM - Ultramarines (Warhammer)
Uni. - Uniform (action figures)
UNIT - (1) Unified Intelligence Taskforce (Dr. Who, new politically corrected definition)
UNIT - (2) United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (Dr. Who, original definition)
U/P - Un-punched (condition, backing card, mounting card, card pieces or counters &etc.)
UPC - Universal Powermaster Corporation (US importer of pirate kits)
UQ - The Unseen Queen (Star Wars novel)
UR - Ultimate racer (slot racing software)
US - United States [of America] (company or product origin)
USA - United States [of] America (toy market, less; LAAM and ROW)
USBM - Utter Shite Bollocks Model (construction toys)
USCF - United States Chess federation
User ID -User Identification / Identity (online auctions, forums)
USF - Ulthwe Strike Force (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
USP - Unique Selling Point (a brand or toy's 'special angle' or unique property/image)
USPAP - Uniform Standards [of] Professional Appraisal Practice (US property/possessions code, see also; UCC)
USA - America/American (company or product origin)
USAAF - United States Army Air-force
USCG - United States Coast Guard
USMC - United States Marine Corps
USR - Universal Special Rule (gaming)
USRA - United Slot Racers Association (slot racing)
USW - und so weiter (German, etcetera, literally; 'and so on')
UT - Ultimate Trades (gaming)
UV - Ultra-violet [light]
V - Variant / Version
Vac-form / Vacuform - Vacuum Formed / Forming (production technique)
Valk. - Valkyrie (gaming)
VAM - Vintage Action Man (Palitoy; 1966-1984, see also; MAM)
Van. - Vanguard (war gaming, see also; VG)
VAR / Var. - Variant / Variation
VAT - Value Added Tax
V&B - Volley and Bayonet (war gaming rule set)
VC - (1) Vampire Counts (Warhammer)
VC - (2) Venom Cannon (Warhammer)
VC - (3) Very Chipped (condition)
V-cannon - Vibro-cannon (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
VCR - Video-cassette Recorder (electronic gaming equipment, almost archaic!)
VDR - Vehicle Design Rules (Warhammer)
Veil. - Veil of Darkness (Warhammer Necrons, see also; VoD)
VER / Ver. - Version
VFTF / vFtF - Virtual Face to Face [players / playing] (online gaming in real-time via webcam, video-VOIP or similar)
VG - (1) Vanguard (Warhammer)
VG - (2) Very good (condition)
VG - (3) Victory Games (board games manufacturer)
VHTF - Very Hard to Find (toy status)
VIG / Vig. - Vignette (modelling)
VIP - Victory Industries Products (UK slot racing manufacture, see also VP)
VITP - Victory in the Pacific (board game)
VoD - Veil of Darkness (Warhammer Necrons, see also Veil.)
VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol (computing)
VoT - Veil of Tears (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
VOTF - Vision of the Future (Star Wars novel)
VP - (1) Vector Prime (Star Wars novel)
VP - (2) Verity Pens (believed manufacturer, base mark on figures, might be connection with and see also; VIP)
VP - (3) Very Poor (condition)
VP / VP's - (2) Victory Point/s (war gaming, Warhammer)
VPP - Variable Pitch Propeller (flying models, radio-control)
VSC - Very Slightly Chipped (condition)
VSD - Victory [class] Star Destroyer (Star Wars spaceship)
VSS - Veteran Sister Superior (Warhammer Inquisition)
VTR - Variable Trace Rate (radio-control)
Vve. - Veuve (French; widow)
VW - (1) Very Worn (condition)
VW - (2) VolksWagen (toy cars)
W40k - Warhammer 40,000 (Games Workshop's Science Fiction version of Warhammer, also; WH40k)
WAAC - Win At All Costs (war gaming - sudden-death)
WARO / Waro. - Wargame/Eurogame [hybrid] (gaming, also WEURO)
WaS - War at Sea (board game)
WB - (1) Witchblade (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
WB - (2) Word Bearers (Warhammer Chaos)
WBB - We'll Be Back (Warhammer, Necrons special rule)
WBC - World Board-gaming Championships (sponsored by BPA)
W/C - Wire Controlled [toy]
WCC - World Chess Championship
WD - (1) Wargame Developments (organisation)
WD - (2) White Dwarf (previously independent now in-house magazine of Games Workshop)
WE - (1) Wood Elves (war gaming and role-playing)
WE - (2) World Eaters (Warhammer Chaos)
WEURO / Weuro. - Wargame-Eurogame [hybrid] (gaming, also; WARO)
WFB / WHFB - Warhammer Fantasy Battles (Games Workshop, see also; FB and WH)
WEG - West End Games (war gaming manufacturer)
WFM - Woman FIDE (q.v.) Master (chess title, female-only competition, lower level)
WG - (1) Wedge's Gamble (Star Wars novel, Wedge Antilles)
WG - (2) Wood Grain (Breyer horse, also; 'Woodie')
WG - (3) Wraith Gate (Warhammer Eldar / Harlequins)
WGM - Woman Grandmaster (chess title, female-only competition, higher level)
WGS - War Gaming Society (organisation, see also SJVWGS)
WH - (1) Warhammer (Games Workshop gaming system, see also; FB, WFB and WHFB)
WH - (2) Witchhunters (Games Workshop, also referred to as the Inquisition)
WH40k - Warhammer 40,000 (Games Workshop's Science Fiction version of Warhammer, also; W40k)
WHC - William Henry Cornelius (manufacturer, holder of Success brand, now Playwrite)
WHFB - Warhammer Fantasy Battles (also; FB, WFB and WH)
WHW - Wintershilfswerk (German; winter-aid tokens)
WiF - World in Flames (board game)
WIM - Woman International Master (chess title, female-only competition, sits between WFM and WGM)
WIP - Work in Progress (modelling, restoration, most people's book manuscript!)
WL - WraithLord (Warhammer Eldar Dreadnought)
WM - (1) Wall-Mart (retailer)
WM - (2) War Machine (games rule system)
WMiA - Walker Machine in Action (toy line)
WOCCO - World Oil Can Collector's Organization (defunct)
'Woodie' - Wood Grained (Breyer horse, also; WG)
World's. - World Competitions (several hobbies; Games Workshop, slot racing etc...See also; Nat's.)
WOT / WoT - Wide-open Throttle (radio-control, working models)
WOTC - Wizards of the Coast (games and figure manufacturer and publisher)
WotFR - War of the Five Realms (war gaming)
WOTW - Warriors of the World (Blue Box, Kellogg's, Marx, see also; SOTW)
WPA - Works Progress Administration (artist's cloth dolls)
WRC - World Rally Championship (slot racing)
WRG - Wargames research Group (publisher)
WRT - With Regard To (Internet, forums, online)
WS - (1) Wave Serpent (Warhammer Eldar Vehicle)
WS - (2) Weapon Skill (Warhammer)
WS - (3) White Scars (Warhammer)
WS - (4) Wide Screen (movie/s)
WS - (5) Wraith Squadron (Star Wars novel)
WS & IM - Wooden Ships and Iron Men (board game)
WTB - Want to Buy (sales status)
WTT - Want to Trade (sales status)
WTTF... - Want to Trade For...(sales status)
W/U - Wind-up [toy]
WWI / WW1 - World War One - The First World War (1914-1918)
WWII / WW2 - World War Two - The Second World War (1939-1945 Europe, 1941-1945 America, Japan and Russia)
WWF - World Wrestling Federation (licensed characters)
WWP - Webway Portal (Warhammer Eldar, Dark Eldar)
W-Ws - Wych Weapons (Warhammer Dark Eldar)
WYSIWYG - What You See is What You Get (online, Internet and gaming)
X - Experimental / Prototype (US)
XLC - Crossover Lane Changer (Scalextric SSD component)
Xtal. - Crystal (radio-control and 'crystal clear' surface treatment product)
XW - (1) X-Shaped Wing [style] (Star Wars spaceship, see also; BW, X-Wing and YW)
XW - (2) X-Wing (Star Wars novel series)
X-Wing - X-Shaped Wing [style] (Star Wars spaceship, see also; B-Wing, XW and Y-Wing)
XXX - Triple-x (material/figurines of an 'adult' nature, usually sexual, from 'X' the historical UK over-18's only film rating, now replaced in the audio-visual world by R18)
YA - Young Adult (target market)
YAM - Yet Another Meeting (chat rooms, forums, message boards)
YDD - Yellow Daredevil (action figure)
Y-Harness. - Y-shaped [servo] Harness (radio-control)
YFOL - Young / Youth Fan of Lego (construction toys)
YJK - Young Jedi Knights (Star Wars junior novel series)
YM - Yanoman (Japanese manufacturer)
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary (Internet, forums, online, ie: you may get a different outcome)
Y Point - [Letter-]Y-shaped Point (model railways)
YV - Yuuzahn Vong (Star Wars alien race - NJO novel series)
YW - Y-Shaped Wing [style] (Star Wars spaceship, see also; BW, XW and Y-Wing)
Y-Wing - Y-Shaped Wing [style] (Star Wars spaceship, see also; B-Wing, YW and X-Wing)
z - Zentimeters (German; centimetres)
Zamac. - Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper (die-casting alloy material, British; MAZAC)
ZAMAK - Zink (zinc), Aluminium, Magnesium [und] Kupfer (copper) (German, now; Zamac, die-casting alloy material, British; MAZAC)
Z-Bend. - Z-shaped Bend [pushrod-end] (radio-control)
Zoans. - Zoanthropes (Warhammer Tyranids)
ZOC - Zone of Control (gaming, also; EZOC)
ZOI - Zone of Influence (gaming, as ZOC, but 'light')
ZUP - Zashrzezony Urdedzie Patentowym (Polish - Pattern Registered at the Patent office)