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Sunday, April 14, 2024

A is for Army Men, From America!

Actually there's all sorts in Brian's parcel, but we're starting with two absolutely classic 'Army Men', bagged rack-toy types! After which, it's quite a space/sci-fi themed bundle this time!

So these are they, a new'ish set of Matchbox GI copies, from Japan? And the MTC set Brian had previously sent us, and becasue the figure mix in this second sample was not so hot (four running guys), I open the other for a better look below, and will keep this as the 'mint bagged' sample.
But first, back to the Japanese firm, it has a US arm in California, but is, I would suggest, a sign of changing habits, globally, as America (and by association - Hasbro, Mattel and Tomy-Takara - the rest of us), wean themselves (ourselves) off Chinese product? Daiso, therefore, possibly being the van of more to come?
Strangely, scanning the card and shooting the figures close-up, then bring the two images together without a borderline, has produced a collage which is better than the shots of the whole item, which were troubled by reflections!

Isn't it ironic?!! The one figure, missing from the bag I opened, is in the other bag four times! One of each, with most taken from the bag Brian sent last time, they are, on one level, trash, but equally, are 'proper' TOY soldiers, and kids love this stuff, big enough to take to the beach (70mm) plus, and as valid in my collection as anything else!
A sample of the 'Army Women' from BMC, they are every bit as fun as they looked when first announced (here actually!) back in August 2019. What I like is that most of them are aping the old Tim Mee cold-war figure poses, but as women, nothing sexualised, just soldiers who are women, and these are the best colour to have - cheers Brian!

Three Mexican copies/reissues of the old Mark 60mm spacemen, I have a growing sample of these now, you may recall Peter sent a pink one . . . orange? I think he was orange, a while ago, and I do have some older ones too.

This is the whole line-up, I think this is an early guide from The Toy Soldier Company, although it's called a Toy Soldier Guide, and as I said, I have various others in both a darker metallic-blue and a paler metallic blue-grey, which all seem original, along with some grey reissues I think, all helmetless, but the helmet which came with the orange one is different to that issued with the grey ones anyway!
Brian also sent a nice sample of the MPC astronauts (one of each pose here, there were more), in red, white and blue (very patriotic!), which I needed, as I have the LB (for Lik Be, obviously!) copies, from late MPC sets in HO, with this colour way, along with those Nasta Industries copies in the same three colours, but otherwise had only the gold-orange-yellow ones from the XL5 boxed set.
Here's a quick comparison with the silver one Peter Evans sent the other day, and serves as a presage to a forthcoming article with a wider look at these figures, from various sources.

These are interesting, and I'd love to know more, if only so I can label the bag! They look like Pokémon, mostly after transformation, but are unmarked, so even if they are Pokémon, will be unlicensed, but I suspect either a rival product, or a total knock-off line, possibly from capsule dispensers?

While this is awesome! We've seen them before, Peter has sent me two lots over the years and I found a bunch myself, which have been covered here on several occasions, so I've left them in the bag for now, but I am looking for a flat-topped cake at some point, for a full parade! They are cake decorations and based on Britains 'Eyes Right', but scaled down, and quite exquisite, and there's 40-odd in the bag, so a major parade is calling.

However, I grabbed this shot off of that evilBay a while ago, and it shows little boxes that allow them to be used without a cake, by receiving the cake spikes. It's the only time I've ever seen them, so don't know if they are original accessories, or something an owner has fashioned from something else (and I have shots somewhere of them in cake decoration packs without the cubes), but it's worth looking out for a few.
You may recall Peter mounted some of his in pairs on old Timpo bases! I will need to scratch-build at least one bass drum, which has never turned-up and doesn't seem to have been made as part of the set?

Thanks again to Brian for all these, it's the extensions, connections and 'further's, which make these donations so useful, and as I say, we'll expand on the MPC spacemen in a day or two.

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