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Monday, April 15, 2024

A is for Alphagraphics, Brumtrams, Howard Scenics, MA Arts, Nimbus, S&D, Streetscape and others, and errr . . . Follow-up!

We had a couple of items from this stable (MA Arts) in one of the card bus posts over the Christmas season, and another (Nimbus) in Brian Berke's follow-up submission, then I found I'd missed the Alphagraphics folder, only to notice that the multi-brand 'thing' I had pointed-out in the blurb, went further, and it seems Aphagraphics were the print-arm, and sort of central HQ for a whole-bunch of after-market and 'garage' producers through the 1980/90's.
I really can't be arsed to go back and add what would be both complicated and duplicate notes to those two posts, so I'll just add all the brands to this post as Tags, add Alphagraphics to the existing Nimbus post and then both the other posts will appear with these in future searches, as relevant!

1:43rd scale (Märklin's standard O-Gauge is 1:43.5) stuff, as well as HO-OO, resin and whitemetal products, as well as card/paper, it's your one-stop shop for scene-enhancing, limited production or esoteric subject-matter, civilian/model railway stuff!
Omen . . . geddit? O-gauge men! And the second time that particular play on words has been used in the hobby I think, or am I confusing it with Keymen?
Alternate packaging, remember we've already seen the larger sheets and the post-cards, decent model railway shops used to have this stuff hung, stacked or stuffed into every corner of the shop, and we'll never be able to list them all, as some were produced by the guy down the lane, who only came in with new stock a couple of times, before he "...sort of disappeared from the hobby"!

Another catalogue.

Single-deckers and smaller minibuses.

Modern double-deckers

More historical models or liveries.

It's very hard for me to produce much blurb on things I know so little about, beyond getting it up here so it's not lost to the Internet generation, but if anyone does know more, perhaps they can enlighten the rest of us in the comments, not because I'm begging for comments, that's other-people's shtick, but because if it isn't passed-on, it's lost.

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