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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

RF is for Rene Fisher

I'm on a long-run at work, which tends to build fatigue, so last night, instead of posting something here, I watched old clips of '8-out-of-10-cats...' on Faceplant, then went to bed! And this is only really a quickie, and seen elsewhere a while ago, but interesting nevertheless!

Pretty sure this is Rene Fisher or RF, from France, and some kind of touristy/keepsake thing, which would have had a waterslide transfer with a town or navel port (Marseilles?)'s name on it, it's all 'styrene except the little aluminium tags which keep the figures on the thing, and, from the number of holes, it's fair to assume there were other contents/layouts, and probably, originally, different towns depicted/named?
It's missing a couple of bars to the gate, but I have an old pack of Slater's window-bars somewhere, which I'm hoping with provide a nice, neat mend at some point? And - of course - it's another sentry box!

I believe the chap in the front left corner is also RF, but, like the two late'ish Starlux next to him, is apparently an French Alpine soldier, not a sailor! They are joined by three lead hollow-casts and the Argentinian ALB rubber chap, we've since seen cleaned-up here at Small Scale World, for an all-blue line-up!

Those alpine troops again!


MGB said...

Nice post, Hugh. And a lovely item to own, wonder when it was made.

Hugh Walter said...

I honestly don't know, but I guess about '58-65'ish? IE, probably before I was born!