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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

News, Views Etc . . . Herald Toys & Models - Press Release

Latest from Barney's website, sounds good for Swoppet Knight and civilian fans;

"...we are pleased to offer for sale a very substantial collection of Britains Swoppet knights, including a number of mounted figures. Because of the quantity, we are able to offer all dismounted knights at a special website price of £19.99 each (there are a large number of duplicates, most likely old homeworker stock, please ask for details). We are also pleased to offer for sale Part IV of the Roger Saunders collection, including a very rare Britains Garage Petrol Pump Counter Dispenser."

Barney's site can be found here.

Later the same day . . .

"Dear Customer, as previously mentioned, we are having to issue supplementary invoices in some cases, particularly if you're a customer from the USA or Europe and your order needs to be sent tracked. We have been subsidising postage charges since September 2013, when the website was launched, but can no longer afford to do this as Royal Mail have regularly increased their prices, particularly over the past 18 months, due to the pandemic and the introduction of World Zone 3 for the USA. Hope you can understand our position. Thank you for your continued support. With all good wishes, Barney."

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