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Thursday, September 16, 2021

News, Views Etc . . . Sandown Park?

Well . . . Adrian Little (Mercator Trading), John Begg (ebay's PTS52) and myself, are going to give Sandown Park a go on Saturday, this doesn't mean a return to regular diary-date posts at this time of the week, as the science hasn't changed, vis-a-vis Sars-Cov2/Covid 19, and, indeed, the reason we're going is because it may be the only show this year!

Can't speak for the others (who will both be 'stalling out' as normal), but I just need a show, whatever the health-risk, and I am going to try and wear a mask all day! But, if you pop-in for an hour or two, a mask is doable, while those who don't/won't wear masks are slowly taking themselves out of the gene-pool and/or the democratic process!

When you learn that many of them are Trumpies, MAGA's, Brwreakshiteers, meatheads and gun-nuts, including six pro-Trump shock-jocks, three pro-Trump v'loggers, a pro-Trump granny and other assorted right-wing old-gits and bigots, that's no bad thing!

The question is, what will the show be like, there's a chance the foreign dealers (which has always made Sandown unique) won't turn up (although by now they might have dropped-out without Covid), and sadly there will be a few gaps among the older boys who've been there since forever, because, you know . . . Covid's killed 200,000-odd Brits now, so there will be gaps.

Anyway, something's what you make of it to a certain extent, and I for one am looking forward to a day surrounded by tables of old toys . . . see you there?

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