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Sunday, September 19, 2021

P is for Premium Pirates

All change, all change, this is the end of the line!

And I failed! I've had to combine two posts and cancel a third! But it's still been the best ITLAPD so far, indeed I suspect I'll never match it! I've thirty two minutes to blurb-up six images and post them, so all a bit of a rush-job here!

Phoskitos (Spanish chocolate medallions like slices of 'Swiss-roll') premiums of pirates, each is a novelty with some form of action and there seem to be only five to collect

Her trick is a moving arm, to swash her buckle with a large cutlass!

While he is a bobbly-jiggler on a sprung ball-socket! The catch on the back of the barrel . . .

. . . enables a hiding pirate to pop-up when required!

While these chaps (from the Internet) seem to be a swivel-waist and a rowing-action chap who's more in common with the ferryman Charon than a pirate?

Two pictures were too short for a separate post, they would have worked as a series of three! Italian Kinder egg rival Dolci Preziosi produced these as a tie-in with the Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

Ahaaaaaaarrrr me-harties, that's yer lot, oi'l edet the mess lat'errrrr!


Jan Ferris said...

Hay Mate!

Are those scallywags made from PVC? Nice find!


Hugh Walter said...

No Jan, all hard plastic - the kinder type (Dolci) in the last shot are exactly like the Kinder hard plastics, some kind of polystyrene or 'styrene-hybrid, while the Phoskitos are probably Polypropylene with rayon/nylon parts; hard-wearing for the work they do?