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Thursday, May 25, 2023

C is for Canoes - 16 - Hong Kong II

This was also sent to the Blog by Brian in time for last year's Rack Toy Month, and again I posted it in the bag as I knew we had his close-ups in the queue, more of an infant toy, made in two halves of polystyrene and equipped with four carpet wheels.

From the reverse, the card suggests some age to this set, 1950's maybe? And that would mean if there is a donor set they could be hollow-cast figures, not that I've checked Joplin as I should have done!

The juvenile quality is continued with the two holes 'hollow-log' style, and so far they've only been found in the fetching pink! And the standing figure is a copy of the plastic Crescent chap, so really I'm just running out of things to say about canoes aren't I!!
Just in case he is from a hollow-cast figure, or if anyone recognises him (let the rest of us know), mine is in the same red as the set Brian sent me, his are a more realistic brown plastic, and you need to bend the oar/hands to get the latter to hold the former. And, thanks again, to Brian for images and donations.

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