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Monday, November 20, 2023

D is for Dino-Mag - 3 of 3

For those who don't like dinosaurs here, you will be pleased to learn that's it for these, but - no doubt - gutted to learn the next post will be on the same subject!

Another issue of Andy's Amazing Adventures (not!), with a decent head-count of dinosaur models, this time two bigger and four medium-sized, including metallic polymer being used for both the larger models. The Kerthunkersaur's are not the same species, but are similar sculpts.
While I've suggested some may have commercial origins, re. tooling, others may be copied from more commercial makes, like Scleich or Papo, I'm not familiar-enough with them to recognise them in the same way I might instantly recognise Airfix or Britains toy-soldier knock-offs, and they will be much reduced in size?

More paint and a new colour, also the first pterosaur with any realism, I had him on a piece of cotton, I've touched-up, out of the picture! As well as being painted, and one of the larger models so far seen by me, the sauropod is also articulated with moving limbs and head/neck for added play value.
This, also a larger model, came in a mixed lot from charity or one of the Blog's donators, however, the black-dot eye says 'probably from this magazine', and clearly I've missed more than I've found, but then I often see them in the Post Office and just think "No, you don't need them, wait for something interesting . . . ".
. . . which is why this was the most recent actual purchase of this mag', because paint-your-own, and PYO dinosaurs, specifically, have been another common thread here at Small Scale World, over the years.
This one not only had two nice models, but a couple of unusual PVA paints, in both the 'International Emergency' orange and the purple! In fact, the two greens and the muted mustard-yellow aren't the normal colours you'd expect with this sort of freebie . . . so keep your eye out for Andy's crap magazine with occasionally useful cover-premiums!

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